Finding Strength during the Winter Season
Not far from my house, there are tall evergreen trees strung with Christmas lights that shine in the darkness of the night, greeting me each evening after the sun sets behind the mountains.
It’s such a glorious sight to see these magnificent trees with their great strength and height tower over the neighborhood like sentries standing guard through the darkness of night in the winter season, radiating their joyful greeting of light to all who pass by.
​As I see their lights come on each evening, I remember St. Hildegard’s vision of a tower that brings us both strength and warm light.
In her book, Scivias, she shares:
“Imagine a large round tower….It has three windows near its top, and from these three windows such a bright light pours out that even the cone-shaped roof of the tower can be seen more clearly in the light. The three windows are decorated around their outside with beautiful emeralds. The tower is located straight behind you, similar to the way a tower is placed in the wall of a city. You cannot be destroyed in any way because of its strength.”
When I see the green lights twinkle on the tops of the trees in the darkness, I picture them as those beautiful green emeralds that St. Hildegard saw in her vision.
Emeralds are such a stunning gemstone, with their deep healing, green color, for the holiday season. They connect to the heart and radiate compassion, love, and a healthy life force. It’s a stone that’ll promote balance in all areas in your life – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Something that all of us can benefit from as we journey through the holiday season!
Are you searching for strength this holiday season? Longing to find time for reflection and renewal before the new year?


​I’d like to invite you to join me this year in Bring Spirit to the Holidays during the upcoming 13 Sacred Nights of Dec. 24th – January 6th. Whether it’s your first time or you’re returning to join again, all are welcome! You’ll be joining a spiritual community that will explore words of wisdom from St. Hildegard, like those shared above, that will bring nourishment to our souls.
As we come together in this sacred experience through the 13 Sacred Nights,
you’ll ….

  • Gain deeper wisdom and meaning from this past year of 2021
  • Discover the divine messages that give you direction, hope, and purpose for your life’s journey as you imagine the year 2022 ahead
  • Feel deeply nourished and have a sense of inner peace and joy within your soul
  • Connect with other spiritual creatives who will join and support you on this path of discovery

Starting on the 24th of December through the 6th of January, I’ll invite you to work with one meditation inspired by St. Hildegard of Bingen per day. As you do this, you’ll also pay special attention to your dreams and write down what you remember each day. You’ll notice if there are any connections between your dreams and the questions asked in the meditations.

Find out more about the spiritual community coming together for “Bring Spirit to the Holidays: 13 Sacred Night Challenge” here.  Sign up here.