Accessing your Spirit Guides for Support
When you’re struggling with a decision or question in life, who do you call upon in the spirit realm for guidance? Who are your spirit guides?
There are many different types of spirit guides we can call upon in our lives if we choose to. You probably have many in your life even if you don’t reach out to them.
One of my nearest and dearest spirit guides is St. Hildegard, of course. But here are a few more of my favorites that I call upon. Which ones do you reach out to?
· Guardian angel – Your guardian angel watches over you, holding you in love and light, and always has your best interest in mind. Call upon this guide when you are looking for guidance in the steps to manifest your highest self.
· Archangels – These are higher spiritual beings who are messengers working within groups of people. We can call upon Archangel Michael for strength and courage in our actions and Archangel Raphael for healing in the world.
· Evolved beings or ascended masters – These beings were once human and were spiritually evolved in their life on earth. Now they’re spiritual leaders and guides to human beings on earth. Mother Mary and St. Hildegard are two I call upon and support me tremendously.
· Deceased family members or ancestors –You may call upon a loving departed relative you knew, such as a grandparent, or even a distant ancestor in your lineage you’ve never met. Both were part of the journey that led to you being born in the world and may be able to give you guidance.

There are many spirit guides you can call upon, if you choose. They can offer their love and wisdom for your growth and evolution in this lifetime. But, remember, we first must ask for their support. We’re free as human beings, and we must invite a connection and ask for guidance if we’re wanting that.


How to Connect with Your Spirit Guides
When you’re in need of spiritual guidance, how do you access a spirit guide for support? Do you struggle with figuring out how to do this?
You can have a dialogue with one of your spirit guides, if you’d like to. This can be accomplished through drawing, writing or just listening deeply.
I invite you to follow these steps to have a dialogue with your spirit guide.
· Find a quiet moment and take a few deep breaths.
· Reach out to a spirit guide and offer gratitude for their willingness to connect and support you.
· Ask a specific question to that guide. Or you can even ask, what guidance is important for me to receive today?
· Be quiet and let your thinking mind rest. Just be open and listen, waiting to receive.
· Trust that your spirit guide will respond. Write notes or draw what comes to you if you’d like.
· When you’re ready to close this time together, share your gratitude once again.
Over the next few days and even weeks, watch for synchronicities, messages or signs that come to you related to your question. These may come as words or ideas from others and arise at the most unexpected time. Maybe through the words of a song on your playlist or images in a dream. Or even a new idea that suddenly comes in your mind. Be open to whatever may arise.


Do you sometimes wonder or doubt if you’re really connecting with your spirit guide or receiving a message? You think maybe you are making this all up in your head? If this happens to you, ask your guide for a sign, a sign to show you that they’re really connecting with you. And then watch and be alert.

Guides can bring a clear message to you that dissolves any doubt. And they also can be joyful and playful, often surprising us with the way they show up! So, be ready for that too!Want to connect more deeply with sprit guides? Check out my Free Healing Library.