What is Prayer? 7 Steps to Meaningful Prayer

Some picture prayer as a religious act where you bend down on your knees and fold your hands and talk to God, often putting forward requests.

Others may reach out in prayer to God when life’s path is difficult.  A desperate plea for help in a challenging time.

How about you? How do you think of prayer?  When do you use prayer?

Consider for a moment that prayer is the divine within you reaching out to the Divine in the Universe, saying that I’m willing to be helped with this right now. The meaning of this request actually comes more from the feeling and intention within, rather than the words stated.

Prayer is not asking. It is a longing of the soul. It is daily admission of one’s weakness. It is better in prayer to have a heart without words than words without a heart.  Mahatma Gandhi

Of course, we remember that life’s journey is filled with bumpy spots and twists and turns in the road. Many of these may have a deeper purpose for our lives or may be a lesson in our greater journey, even if unknown to us at the time.


And in the request for support from the spiritual world, we accept that Divine will and Divine time may unfold in a different way than what we realize in the moment.

So, we ask for help and then need to surrender to see what unfolds – being open to what comes.

In this surrender, we truly seek wisdom about what needs to be accepted or changed in this situation. We ask for guidance, the wisdom to understand, and the courage to follow through with the next steps in our own lives.


Here are 7 steps to help you bring meaningful prayers into your life.
  1. Be grateful for the many blessings you have.
  2. Create calm, peaceful surroundings, as much as you are able to, with a relaxed way of being.
  3. If you desire spiritual support for a situation, turn inward and explore where this desire or intention lives within you and why.
  4. Once you understand, be clear, calm, and focused on the request or intention that you have in your prayer.
  5. Follow-through and persevere in your desire or intention, acting with purpose in your daily life. Release any stress, rigidity, and need to control.
  6. Accept what is and be open to what may come, even in new forms.
  7. Contemplate what obstacles may be interfering at this time.

When we enjoy the moment of our prayers being answered, we experience our intentions manifesting into reality and there’s a total clarity of our True Self aligning with the Divine in the universe in our life’s path.

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