What are the Sacred Nights of Winter?

The Sacred Nights of Winter are a mystical time of year. This time falls in between the old year and the new year.

It’s a time to reflect upon the year that’s ending and look forward to the new one coming.

It’s a time to bring closure to what’s needed in the current year to make room for what will arrive in the new year.

It’s a time to release anything that no longer serves you to create a clear space to set intentions for what you want to birth in the new year.

It’s a sacred and magical time!

These nights have been sacred in many traditions and have been given a variety of names in the past: The Holy Nights, The Nights of the Mothers, and The Time Between the Years. This time often is considered “in between” the years which stems from the difference between the lunar calendar used in the past and the solar calendar that we still use today. In a lunar year, following the cycle of the moon, there would be 354 days. A solar year, aligned with the sun, counts 365 days. The difference is 11 days or 12 nights that exist “in between.”

And often these days at the end of the year do feel in between the old and the new for us!

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During this time of year, which is winter in the northern hemisphere, the earth appears to be breathing in, drawing back what streamed out into the cosmos during the summer. We can see that the plants rest and the animals have prepared for the cold months ahead. Snow often falls, bringing a blanket of stillness.

The sun begins to set earlier, and we have longer nights of darkness and shorter days of light. In this darkness of winter, the Sacred Nights offer us a moment of stillness, of inner quiet. A space in between our usual hustle and bustle in the days and weeks of the year. In this darkness, we can fan the flames of the light, the divine spirit light, that lives within us and in each human being, to radiate into the darkness.

At this in-between time of the year, the ancients have said that the veils to the spiritual world are thinner, and we can more easily connect to our spirit guides and our ancestors. We also can more easily connect to our True Self, our Higher Self, which guides us to our highest potential and purpose in the world.

If we take time to consciously move inward, we can reflect upon our past year and gain deeper wisdom from our experiences, seeing our own potential in new light. We can celebrate our growth and accomplishments and release that which doesn’t serve us anymore. We can also set clear intentions for the upcoming new year, planting seeds for our journey forward.

I hope you’re able to tap into the beauty and magic that exists during these upcoming Sacred Nights! If you’d like to join a community that’ll be doing it together, check out the details here. 

I invite you to join the community forming now and sign-up for “Bring Spirit to the Holidays: 13 Sacred Night Challenge” starting on Dec. 24thClick here.