Uncovering the Voice of Your True Self
Do you have easy access to the light that shines within you, your inner guidance? Are you able to understand and follow your inner guidance consistently so that you’re on your path to become your higher self?

If so, great! I’m so happy for you!
If not, you’re not alone.
Do you struggle discerning what’s your inner, high guidance and what’s your inner critic?
Or do you feel like the connection to your inner guidance has gotten dusty, covered in cobwebs?

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You can think of your inner guidance as the voice of your highest self, your True Self. It’s the wise, divine aspect of yourself that shines with bright light and rises above your emotions, fears, and pressures you feel in a moment.

Your inner guidance can support you in a present situation or it can help you reflect on a past experience or guide you on your next steps into the future.

When you’re open to listening and uncovering the voice of your higher self, you open the channel to allow your inner guidance to share with you. Then you begin showing up as the best version of yourself!

As you know, I’ve always been inspired by St. Hildegard and her courage to follow her inner guidance to share her visions with the world. She felt that they were divinely inspired.
Yet, she often doubted herself and her abilities. She had no formal education, and, as a result, she considered herself unlearned and unworthy. She felt insecure and inadequate.


We know that she had a good confidant and friend in her life, the monk Volmar, that supported her in following her divine calling, even when she felt incapable of doing so at times. It was Volmar who was the first person to validate her visions as divine experiences. He soon recognized her rare spiritual gifts and became a good friend and mentor for many years in her life.

Over the next 10 years, she shared her experiences in the text that would become her visionary work, Scivias. Volmar became her secretary, writing down the words she dictated.

It’s clear that St. Hildegard greatly valued and appreciated her dear friend and mentor, Volmar, who supported and encouraged her. She was not alone in navigating the unprecedented path for a woman to share her visions with the public.

Such an inspiration to us today!

St. Hildegard shows us that uncovering the voice of your True Self and following your inner guidance is a little easier when you have the support of someone in your community who encourages you. We don’t have to do it alone!
When you join with others who also are striving to follow their inner guidance, you open the door to a higher vibration or higher state of being. You’ll feel lighter, happier and more at ease. You’ll be clearer on your life’s work and how you can contribute to positive change in the world


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