Breaking Through the Wall of Self-Doubt
What are you being called to do in your life right now?
Does it make you feel nervous or afraid? Are you not feeling confident enough to move forward?
Maybe you feel frozen and can’t move forward.
Or maybe you ignore the call because it’ll be too much work or you think it’ll seem strange to others.

I know I’ve felt a little like this at times. I’ve even felt a lot like this at times!

I can doubt myself. I wonder if anyone will be interested in what I feel called to share. I wonder if what I share will be received openly by others.

When I have these moments of self-doubt, I call upon St. Hildegard as a guide. Through the stories of her life, she inspires me to find my courage, strength, and self-confidence.

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St. Hildegard encountered a major turning point in her life when she was 42 years old. She experienced a vision that was unlike anything she had experienced before. She described it later in detail in Scivias, “…heaven was opened and a fiery light of exceeding brilliance came and permeated my whole brain, and inflamed my whole heart and my whole breast, not like a burning but like a warming flame, as the sun warms anything its rays touch….” She continued and described how suddenly she gained wisdom, a deeper understanding of specific scriptures that she had not had before. And soon she heard a voice speak to her, telling her to share, through writing and speaking, what she had experienced in her visions.


This was the most powerful vision she had experienced in her life so far. She felt she was being directed to share her experiences so that others could learn from her.

However, St. Hildegard didn’t feel up to the task. She doubted herself. She felt insecure and inadequate for the task.

She soon became very ill. She had suffered from many illnesses in her life, often so ill that she could not rise from her bed. So, this was not unusual for her. However, this time, she interpreted her illness as a sign from God, displeased with her lack of action in responding to the call to share her visions.

She consulted with her dear friend, Volmar, who committed to helping her. With his support, the permission of Abbot Cuno (the abbot overseeing her work), and also the encouragement of another dear friend, the nun Richardis, she began working on Scivias, the first of three major works.

It was a first step for St. Hildegard in her launch into creative production that was  uncommon among the women and even men of her time.

We can see that St. Hildegard was able to overcome the obstacles she encountered including severe illness, move through her self-doubts with the support of the immediate community around her, and continue forward to follow her divine calling.


These are the moments in St. Hildegard’s life that I call upon when self-doubt seems to plague me. I picture the strength and courage she had to have to work through the obstacles of her time and her own self-doubt.

And look at the brilliant work she created, as a result!

With St. Hildegard at my side, I know I can take my next step forward – if she could do it years ago, I can now!  And so can you!

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