The Peaceful Light of the Divine Mother: St Hildegard’s Gifts for You, Part 9 (a meditation to bring peace into your life)
We had our first days of snow come quite early here in Colorado this year – many days before Halloween.  As I watched the snowflakes fall peacefully outside in the bitter cold air, I warmed myself in front of the fireplace with a cup of tea and contemplated how through the seasons the Divine Mother calls us to awaken.  I hear her calling us to awaken to the imbalance in the world that has caused suffering. It’s time, time to bring it into balance.  The Divine Mother, with her healing and nurturing ways, shows us that we can find peace and an end to suffering.


The Divine Feminine as Mother is accessible to all.  She’s nurturing, forgiving, sensitive, powerful, and intuitive.  She creates, giving birth to the new in the world.  She’s all-encompassing and all-embracing, reaching her loving arms out with compassion and strength, without judgment.

I remembered the wise words of St. Hildegard from Scivias on The Queen of Peace, an image of the Divine Mother that came to her long ago. As I listened to these words once again, they warmed my heart and embraced the suffering I feel in the world.

So, I invite you to do the same to access the nurturing and embracing compassion of the Divine Mother in St. Hildegard’s Queen of Peace.  You can access the audio recording here.


The Queen of Peace Meditation


Sit comfortably in a quiet location and take a few deep, slow breaths. Light a candle and breathe in the peace of the candlelight. Begin the audio and close your eyes, letting the following words from St. Hildegard of Bingen speak to your heart and mind:

“Imagine you are a woman of great size – just like a great city. You have your head crowned wondrously, and your arms are covered with the long sleeves of a tunic which glistens from heaven right down to the earth.

Your womb is full of holes, much like a net, and a great crowd of people are moving about in it. You do not have any legs or feet which can be seen because you are standing in front of an altar which is before the eyes of God. You have your hands stretched out around the altar, and you are looking most keenly throughout the heavens with your eyes.

You cannot look at your garment closely, except that you notice that it shines with a very bright peacefulness. Your breasts are surrounded with such splendor that they shine as a reddish dawn full of reddish lightning. And you hear various kinds of music being sung ‘as intensely as the reddish dawn.’

You spread out your splendor as if it is a garment, and you say: ‘It behooves me to take in and to provide for.’ 

And then as if in a flash of lightning, a multitude of angels run to you. The angels perfect you by making various seats and steps on you for people to sit on.

Next you see some suffering infants near the earth, but in the air. They are like fish swimming in the water. These infants enter your womb through the many holes that are in it. You then sigh, drawing the infants up to your head where you breathe them forth through your mouth, remaining pure in the process.

Then a peaceful light appears to you. This peaceful light takes the suffering skin from each of the infants and throws that skin beyond life. You then uncover the peaceful light for these infants and cover them with a beautiful garment.”


At the end of the meditation, sit quietly for a few moments. Then consider the following:

Where are you suffering in your life right now?

  • Name each area of suffering out loud.
  • Write these on little pieces of paper and put the papers in a little bowl on your altar.
  • Circle the bowl with your candle and then cover the bowl with a beautiful cloth, with the intention of transforming the suffering into peace.
  • Sit in silence for a few moments, letting the light of peace flow through you.

May the Queen of Peace embrace you and dissolve the suffering you’re experiencing!

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