Finding the Strength of Viriditas as Winter Draws Near: St. Hildegard’s Gifts for You, Part 10
As the splendor of autumn begins to pass and winter draws near, Mother Earth breathes in. She draws back everything that has streamed out during the summer. Her energy moves inward, and she grows quieter.
​The air no longer feels ripe with the greening life energy of the natural world and the sweet-smelling fruits of late summer. It’s a time that we need to increase our inner strength and light to carry us through this journey into the darker time of the year.


​How do you gather your inner strength for whatever comes into your life?

How do you strengthen your life forces and immune system to sustain a healthy balance throughout the winter?

St. Hildegard honored a sacred connection to the greening power, or viriditas, of nature that created balance, harmony, and vitality in life. She shared that if this connection was out of balance, then one could experience a drying up of vitality and illness could arise.
St. Hildegard offered a variety of healing remedies and practices to strengthen one’s own healing power. One was the use of the healing gemstone of the emerald. She felt it possessed the healing power of viriditas, the greening power of the earth, and supported a return to health and balance from illness.

The emerald, with its luscious green color, is a gemstone of the heart connected with compassion, love, and life force.  It’s a stone that will promote balance in all areas in your life – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. It can increase the energy levels in your body and enhance a balanced flow of energy between your upper and lower chakras, bringing a more peaceful and loving way of being in your life. It promotes removing any blockages that may exist and opening a pathway to living a life that is more harmonious, generous, and compassionate.


In Scivias, St. Hildegard shares a vision of a tower that gives us an image of bringing strength into our lives with the greening power of viriditas in the gemstone of the emerald.

“Imagine a large round tower which …has three windows near its top, and from these …such a bright light pours out…The three windows are decorated around their outside with beautiful emeralds. The tower is located straight behind you…You cannot be destroyed in any way because of its strength.”

You can imagine holding a large emerald from one of these windows in your hand. The light pours into this gemstone where all of the greening power of nature, viriditas, is concentrated. It’s the potent, divine life force that lives and breathes within all living beings, full of vitality, moisture, and fecundity.  It’s able to bring creativity and healthy abundance into the world, making all things grow, expand, and thrive.  


Take a moment to breathe in this strength, letting it flow into your body and soul. You can know that whenever you need it, you can pause and reconnect to the strength of the tower with emeralds. You’re filled with light and vital life force energy. Ready to bring your gifts to the world!

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