The Key to Moving out of Overwhelm into Inspiration

Imagine you’re relaxing in a comfortable lounge chair under a palm tree, gazing out at the calm sea. A gentle breeze caresses your face and the turquoise water sparkles like gemstones as the rays of the sun shine down upon its surface. Overhead in the azure blue sky, one white puffy cloud floats gently in the distance and a seagull calls out as it flies off into the distance. The color blue fills your senses and you feel as if it infuses your whole being. You seem to be breathing in blue.

Close your eyes now for a moment and feel the color blue. How does it make you feel? What message does it have for you?

Color has a secret language that speaks to you. It can help you to feel calm and peaceful within or it can energize and excite you. It can give you strength and courage or it can open your heart to feel love and compassion.

You can dive deeper and check out my video, Move out of Overwhelm into InspirationKey #1, to explore a way to play with color to let go of stress and awaken your creativity from within.

​Colors are everywhere – in nature, your home, your clothes and your food. Have you ever considered how color affects you?  Color can shift your mood, your feelings and even support healing in your body.

Close your eyes one more time and contemplate what color is calling to you today?

What color has a gift to offer you today? Pick one that comes to mind. There’s often great wisdom in picking the first one that comes to mind.

Now, picture you’re wearing that color, both your top and bottom. Maybe you even have a hat or bag that color. You walk out into nature and find a place that seems to be filled with this color – maybe fruit or flowers, maybe animals, or in the water or sky.

You walk back into your home and see this color in your rug, pillows, and paint on the walls. You make yourself a snack or drink of this color. You sit down to enjoy it.

You breathe in deeply, inhaling the beauty and energy of this color into your being. And then you exhale. Then again you breathe in slowly the color and then exhale.

Then, open your eyes. How do you feel? How did this color affect you?

In our day-to-day life, we often can become overwhelmed with the challenges in our lives – from work, to family, to illness, grief and the pandemic. Using color in visualization or playful ways can support us in letting go of our worries and stress for a short period of time, helping us to move into a more creative flow and even tap into a healing energy that’s right at our fingertips.


Are you ready to play a little more with color? Join me and let’s play with color!

When you enter into a space of play with color, a vibrant flow of energy flows through your whole body. You can feel that you’re a part of something greater.

Fueled with this breath of life and energy, you’ll feel inspiration rise up within you.

What does the color want to speak to you? What healing gift does it offer to you today?


As you play creatively with color, you lose track of what’s outside in the world – the news, daily tasks, worries, and fears. Your thoughts of that part of the world dissolve, releasing any stress and overwhelm you’re feeling.

Check out my video, Move out of Overwhelm into InspirationKey #1, to explore a way to play with color to let go of your feeling of stress and awaken your creativity from within.