Finding the Strength to Move through Obstacles that Stand in Your Way
In 2010-2012, I was working on a creative project, the St. Hildegard Traveling Exhibit: Journey Through the Senses. I was so passionate about creating this exhibit so that people could experience St. Hildegard’s world and the Living Light that came through her with their own senses. At that time, I worked with several local artists to create pieces such as stained glass, antique maps and wax tablets that embodied the beauty, warmth and power from the life and work of St. Hildegard.

Even though I was dedicated and passionate about creating this dynamic exhibit, I experienced challenges along the way. Sometimes I even thought that these obstacles might stop me from manifesting the entire exhibit!

But through accessing my inner strength and remembering to trust in the Divine, I was finally able to move through the challenges, and I completed this exhibit.

Since then, it’s been such a joy to see others be able to enter into the life of St. Hildegard through this sensory experience!  And now, I’m even sharing pieces of it in my online course, Master Your Creativity.

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What are you being called to create right now so that it can be of service to the world?

Remember, you are a creative being with a purpose. And the world is certainly needing creators these days who can bring new and courageous ideas for healthy change in our communities.

Whenever I’m needing inspiration to follow my calling to create, I always remember how St. Hildegard had to find her courage to bring forth her visions into the world at a time when there were many obstacles in her way.


​One of her greatest visions was when she was called to leave her home of 40 years and build her own abbey. St. Hildegard’s commitment to bring this project to fruition was fueled by the inspiring work she saw from St. Rupert in the 7th century.

It is possible to manifest your soul’s creative purpose even through obstacles!

St. Hildegard lived to the age of 81 following her calling in a time where a typical lifespan was half that! She worked with determination to bring her gifts into the world despite many obstacles.

When she was 52 years old, she felt called to leave her home of 40 years and take the courageous step to build her own abbey where St. Rupert’s church on the Rhine River had been destroyed.

And yet, she was faced with many obstacles along the way. The monks at St. Disibod strongly objected that she was leaving. Understandable, as several sisters leaving with her meant that the monks’ financial support would too.

Yet, she continued to find her strength to do what she felt called to. And she moved forward. She built Rupertsberg which was a place for her to manifest the Power of the Living Light.


​The early years on the Rupertsberg were difficult ones. Some sisters even left. Still she persevered with the passion she had for the project.  And then at the age of 67, marching forward, she even created a second abbey!

Can you imagine if she had given up and never realized these creative dreams that she felt guided to manifest?  What a loss it would’ve been!

What are you meant to bring to others at this time?

What obstacle is standing in your way of manifesting and sharing your gifts right now with the world?

Are you thinking your idea is not realistic?

Or you don’t have the time?

Or you are too old to do it? Or something else?

How can you move through this obstacle? Can you access your inner strength and trust in the Divine to support you?

Whenever I’m needing to do this, I remember a favorite image of mine of St. Hildegard holding her abbess staff. Her strength and power from within radiate out to the world as she speaks, “God created me… God is also my strength… Through God, I have living spirit.  Through God I have life and movement. Through God I learn, I find my path…” 

The Divine is always there to support us on our paths!


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