St. Hildegard’s Song, “O Jerusalem” in honor of her Feast Day, September 17th
As human beings in the world, we’re all naturally creative. We’re the creators of each day that’s given to us as a gift.  We’re the creators of each relationship we have.  We’re the creators of each task we undertake.

Where previously there was nothing, a spark is ignited, and we’re able to birth something new into the world!

Within this creative nature that we all possess, we have the possibility to become a shining and powerful healing force in the world.

In my creative endeavors that I feel called to bring to the world, I am continuously inspired by St. Hildegard and the courage and strength she found to birth her creations into the world.


​After 9th century Viking invaders had destroyed St. Rupert’s church on the Rhine River, St. Hildegard was called to leave her home of 40 years and build her own abbey there in 1150. The inspiring work of St. Rupert in the 7th century fueled St. Hildegard’s commitment to move forward with this project. In her song, O Jerusalem, she honors this new creation and the respect and even kinship she felt toward St. Rupert. Here is an image of Rupertsberg, the abbey she created


​One can imagine that St. Hildegard may have been drawing a comparison between her abbey and the Holy City of Jerusalem awaiting its rebuilding in heaven.

I imagine that St. Hildegard was both excited and also challenged to bring this new abbey into creation with many obstacles that came into her path in this endeavor.  The monks at St. Hildegard’s initial abbey, St. Disibod, were not supportive of her plans to create a new abbey. She was plagued with self doubt.

Our current times are calling all of us to become creators of the solutions within our communities.  New solutions, new ideas, and new ways of thinking are needed. So that we can live fully and peacefully on this great planet Earth.

Become inspired to begin your next creative endeavor, or what I like to call your Rupertsberg as you listen to St. Hildegard’s song, O Jerusalem.  Here I share the English translation of a portion of the song.   

O Jerusalem (English Translation)

O Jerusalem, golden city
Adorned in the King’s purple
O edifice of supreme goodness
Whose light never darkens

In you makes symphony the Holy Spirit
For you are singing with angel choirs.
And you are adorned in the Son of God,
For you live in Love.

O Jerusalem! See these walls of glowing, glowing stones.
And shooting, shooting stars; shooting stars!
Stay in love! Stay in love! Feel the Living Light!
Feel the Beauty! Feel the Spark of God!
Feel the Warmth which heals.
Hear Love calling: “Peace, Peace, Peace.”

O Jerusalem

​I invite you to take a moment to listen to this song in Latin.    Get in a comfortable position, take a few deep breaths, then close your eyes and just let the music wash over you.

What in your life are you being called to create right now?  What is your next Rupertsberg?  Meaning, what is your current (or next) creative endeavor that you are being called to birth into this world so that it can be of service? Who inspires you to take those steps to act?  

Fill your Rupertsberg with beauty, light, and love as you picture it in your mind. Imagine it bringing warmth and healing into the world.  

How can you realize and manifest your Rupertsberg? 

What changes might you need to make in your life in order for this to be realized in the world? Physical, emotional, mental?  

Are there any obstacles you sense on the path of this creation? Any fears or self doubt? Any lack of confidence or commitment? How will you work through these?  

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