LET YOUR LOVE FLOW in honor of St. Hildegard’s Feast Day, September 17th

In the 12th century, St. Hildegard, at age 42, heard a divine voice commanding her to speak and write about her experiences.  She shared what it said to her,

… speak and write what you see and hear… according to the extent that you see and hear those things in the heavens above in the marvelousness of God…
Write those things not according to yourself or by the standards of another person, but according to the will of the one knowing, the one who sees and arranges all things in the secrets of His own mysteries.”  (Scivias)

St. Hildegard didn’t want to act on this at all.  I can certainly understand.  She was frightened and anxious.  She felt insecure and inadequate.  All of us feel like this from time to time.

To share her visions with the world was going to be a big step.  It was going against the culture and traditions of the time. Women weren’t part of the clergy in her time.  Women didn’t preach, speak publicly, or write.  Let alone on controversial topics such as visions from God.  She was afraid that if she shared her visions, she would be destroyed.


​​St. Hildegard had to muster her courage and hold on to her faith that it would be okay since she was being guided by the Divine.

“…. I put my hand to writing. Once I did this, a deep and profound exposition of books came over me. I received the strength …. and under that power I continued to carry out the work to the end..”  – St. Hildegard of Bingen, Scivias

Sometimes we see walls in our path and really they are just illusions.  Our fear stopping us from taking action.  But if we stay connected to the Divine, we are able to move forward on our true path in life and share what we came here to share, even if it is new and different. Our hearts open and we engage in manifesting our work in service to humanity.

When you feel that wall of fear in your path, I invite you to take a moment to listen to this song that David wrote and I sing, LET YOUR LOVE FLOW.   For me, it helps me to gather my courage, even in the darkest of times, and get moving!




Here are some of the lyrics –


The world can be a scary place
when you’re trying to live a dream
It takes courage to keep going
when you feel like you’re going against the stream

Keep the faith… and hold on
to the power that keeps you strong

The walls in your way
are illusions in your path
Fear keeps them standing
You decide how long they last

Let your love flow
Let the fear go

Let love lead the way
What the heart sees
is your victory
Let this be your day
in the dark times
Let your light shine
It will see you through
What the heart knows well
and your courage tells
is that you cannot fail….

The power is yours…
to break FREE
to claim your JOY
and be at PEACE

Open up your HEART
‘cause LIFE is waiting
to give you a BRAND NEW START

​Listen to the whole song here.  LINK   Enjoy and I hope it helps you to gather your courage and act when you need a little boost!


Let Your Love Flow



“Humanity, take a good look at yourself.  Inside, you’ve got heaven and earth, and all of creation.  You’re a world – everything is hidden in you.”  -St. Hildegard, Causes and Cures

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