Recognizing the Guides in Your Life: St. Hildegard’s Gifts for You, Part 5
All of us have people who come into our lives with messages for us. Sometimes they’re inspired teachers who we welcome into our lives as it’s clear they’re there to teach us something that we need in just that moment in order to align with the divine vision for our life.
Others come into our lives to help us learn something that’s needed but we don’t feel so inclined to welcome them with open arms.  The message they bring makes us uncomfortable.  We don’t want to see or hear it.  We want to hide.  Yet later, in hindsight, we see the importance of what that person brought into our lives and how it was needed at that time.

Who are the inspired guides who have come into your life to help you at just the right moment?  What did they share with you?  Was it hard to hear?

Looking back in your life, how did that message change your path in life?


​In the Fifth Vision of the First Part, Scivias, St. Hildegard speaks of the prophets who are showing us their signs. These prophets help us to see the direction we need to go.  They are messengers to guide us on our path.

Who are the prophets or inspired teachers in your life right now?  Who have come to guide you in the right direction?

St. Hildegard also had people in her life who shared with her messages that she needed to hear.

One such confidant in her life was the monk, Volmar, who supported her in following her divine calling, even when she felt incapable of doing so at times.

It was Volmar who was the first person to validate her visions as divine experiences.  He recognized her rare spiritual gifts and became a good friend and mentor for many years in her life.

She shared her experience and her self-doubt with him, and he strongly encouraged her to write. Over 10 years, she shared her experiences in the text that would become her visionary work, Scivias.  Volmar became her secretary, writing down the words she dictated.


He also encouraged her to campaign on her behalf to have her visions recognized by the Church as a divine message of God.  This led to Pope Eugenius III approving of her work and moving her forward into the public light as a spiritual and intellectual leader – something that was unheard of during these times, and even prohibited for women.
Volmar, St. Hildegard’s priest,  confidant and secretary, was in her life for over 60 years.
St. Hildegard shows us how the steps on our journey can become a little easier to follow when we recognize those in our lives who come with important messages for us.Who’s bringing the message that you need to hear in your life today?Listen with an open mind and heart to what comes. These often are messages from the spiritual realm, bringing the news you need as guidance to align with the divine vision in your life.

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