Calling All Angels: St. Hildegard’s Gifts For You, Part 6

The Universe supports you in ways that you may not even fully realize.  Yes, it does!

You may not realize this each and every moment in the day. You may even feel quite alone in the world at times.

But in truth, the Universe supports you each and every moment because you’re not separate from it. You’re one within it and it is one with you. That means that love, wisdom and peace that’s the nature of the Universe is also your nature.  And the support that is offered can show up in the world as angelic beings in many forms.

It may be that sometimes you have certain people or events that bring something good into your life.  Or maybe you’re protected from something harmful that might’ve crossed your path. Or possibly you have an inspiration for an idea just when you need it most.

It might even seem that the Universe is conspiring to support you!

Just ponder that idea for a moment.

The Universe is conspiring to support you!

If you can open yourself to this idea, this possibility, the Divine oneness that you’re a part of becomes more apparent to you. You see that these moments aren’t accidental, but actually support and guidance coming to you.

St. Hildegard shares in her 6th Illumination in Scivias how heavenly spirits are like a crown of light radiating to support us.


“Imagine….heavenly spirits on high…They are shining very brightly….they have faces that are like the faces of people. The looks on their faces appear as if they are pure water. (They) also have wings on their shoulders…The looks on their faces appear as if they are the image of the Word of God shining in a mirror….arranged in a circle as if they are a crown.

But all…are resounding with wondrous voices – accompanied with every type of music – all the miracles which God performed in the blessed souls.”

Imagine this crown of light that shines in the Universe for your own unique life – divine guides conspiring to support you in each and every moment.

And if you turn your energy and attention to this Divine support and presence, then they’ll even manifest more and more in your life.  One might even say miracles arise!


​What if we were to expect miracles like these in our lives?  Expect that angels surround us and are available to support us if we simply ask?  How would that shift our view of our own life?

Moments of miracle appear in your life often. Cherish these moments no matter how small they are.  Don’t limit, in your thinking, the ways that you think miracles may appear. Open yourself to all possibilities.

Miracles come to us in many forms.  They could be a healing.  Or a person who comes into our lives.  Or an opportunity that presents itself.  Maybe an adventure or an experience in nature.  Or many pieces falling into place in just the right way for you to take the next step.

Put on your “miracle glasses” for a moment with me and look into your life’s journey so far.  When in your life did you have moments of support or goodness?  Where and how did those arise?  Who were the people, as angelic beings, involved who brought goodness into your day?

When did you feel protected by harm that could’ve arisen?  Almost as if a circle of angelic beings were protecting you?


I invite you to explore this practice for the next week.  Each evening before bed, review your day.  Identify 5 ways that you felt supported by the Universe that day. Consider how that help arose.  Express your gratitude for these miracles – both big and small – that you received.

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