Your Soul has Messengers… are you listening?
​Your soul has messengers that speak to you in your dreams at night. They speak of the secret wishes of your soul.

They want to be in communication with you. Are you listening?


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When you’re dreaming, you step out of the daily demands of life, setting aside fear and anxiety, and you awaken to the deeper aspect of your true being.

Your dreams are a field where adventure and possibility exist. Where healing and reconnection exist. Where the great wisdom of your ancestors and spirit guides resides. Where you can renew and readjust to follow your inner compass.

Dream expert, Robert Moss says, “We need to dream, dreaming is the way that we connect with the deeper universe. It’s our way for direct experience of the sacred. It is the safest and most common everyday way of entering an altered state of consciousness…”

Have you ever had an inkling that your dreams have a message for you, but it’s not quite clear?

Pay attention to this as your soul’s messengers are working to communicate with you. It may be the key you need to unlock a puzzle in your life. The deeper longings of the soul speak to us through our dreams.

 But what if you don’t remember your dreams well or don’t seem to dream much at all?

How can you awaken to this portal to your soul’s deeper desires?

One of the simplest ways is through dream journaling. In dream journaling, you open the door to the messages that are meant for you.

In your dreams, the ego of your day life rests. You let go of attachments to other people’s perceptions or expectations. The wishes and longings of your soul bubble up.

Journaling about your dreams will support you in accessing these longings that arise in your dreams. It’ll help you to…

​1.     Remember your dreams – By recording what you remember and feel when you first awaken after a dream, you’ll be stepping through the doorway to a deeper understanding of the messages that are waiting for you.

2.     Understand  – By keeping a journal, it gives you an opportunity to review and contemplate what you’ve written later on. This will provide a deeper understanding of what’s being communicated to you.

3.     Bring clarity– As you start writing down your dreams and pondering them in your waking life, the messages of your soul will become clearer. You’ll become aware of patterns that hold meaning for you. You’ll be strengthened by this higher connection and more clearly understand what you are meant to manifest from the messages in your dreams.

Now is the perfect time of year to begin dream journaling! As the temperatures drop and the air gets cold, all around us life slows down. It’s a natural time for rest, reflection, and quiet.

Turning inward in the quiet and stillness of the cold of winter and tuning into your dreams can bring clarity to your soul’s longing, particularly for the coming new year. You’ll discover answers to questions you have and find support in manifesting your soul’s desires in the new year.

I invite you to join me during the upcoming sacred nights of winter to jumpstart your dream journaling practice. Find out more here. “Bring Spirit to the Holidays: 13 Sacred Night Challenge” beginning on December 24th. 

Start your dream journaling practice this winter and watch the magic start to happen!