What exactly are the Sacred Nights of Winter?


As winter draws near, Mother Earth breathes in. Her energy moves further and further inward, drawing back what streamed into the cosmos during the summer.
Outwardly, she grows quieter. We can see that the plants seem to rest and the animals prepare for the cold months ahead. The snow brings a blanket of stillness to the earth.
In this darkness of winter, the Sacred Nights of Dec. 24th – January 6th offer us a moment of stillness, of inner quiet. A space in between our usual days and weeks in the year.
These sacred nights are honored in many cultures. They can be viewed as a time for an inner journey to fan the flames of our own shining light in order to illuminate the darkness.
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If we take time away from the hustle and bustle of the holiday season during this sacred time, it can be a time to listen and receive messages from the spiritual world. 
Moving inward, we can reflect upon our past year and gain deeper wisdom of our experiences, seeing our own potential in new light.  We can celebrate our growth and accomplishments and release that which doesn’t serve us anymore.
Each day of the sacred nights corresponds to a month during the year. So each day can be a time to reflect on the month of the previous year. 
On that same day, we can set clear intentions for the upcoming month in the new year, planting seeds for our journey forward.
We culminate the experience on Epiphany, a time of deeper insight and revelation of our whole journey through the last year and look forward with eager anticipation and clear intention to the new year.
What deep nourishment this is for the soul!
I encourage you not to miss out! Join the community forming now and sign-up for “Bring Spirit to the Holidays: 13 Sacred Night Challenge” so you can start with the community tomorrow on Dec. 24th.