How to Find Strength in your Roots: St. Hildegard’s song, “O Virga Ac Diadema”

In the ancient Celtic tradition, this image of the Tree of Life has always struck me as one of incredible strength and power.

In the language of the Celts, the mighty oak is called duir, related to the words endurance, duration, and doorway in English.

This magnificent tree is like a doorway into the past and into the future.  Its roots reach deep into the nourishment of the soil of Mother Earth. Its trunk stands upright and strong with branches spreading in a magnificent crown over its surroundings.  Sharing its endurance, might, and maturity to the world.

Interestingly, the oak tree has a tendency to attract lightning in storms.  Yet it endures the hardship of a lightning strike well, typically recovering from the injury and continuing to live with strength and health. Understandably, the mighty oak is connected in mythology to the thunder gods such as the Norse Thor or Greek Zeus.

I invite you to imagine yourself as a mighty oak tree with deep roots reaching into the earth.  Warm raindrops seep into the soil at your base.  Has any lightning come into your life lately – causing hardship or suffering?  Have you recovered and healed from this?

Take a moment to read some of the words of St. Hildegard’s song, 
O Virga Ac Diadema below and to listen to it here. 


O Virga Ac Diadema


​Bring your attention even deeper into your roots and feel the connection to your ancestors and lineage of the past that have helped you become who you are today.

Where are your ancient roots?


Gather the strength from those ancient roots and bring them into the present to inspire and empower you today.  See how they transform within you, as you stretch and grow in your magnificent branches within your mighty oak tree.

​Stretch even more – out into the cosmos – out into the future and ask the Divine, “What guidance do you have for me that will support me today? What guidance do you have for me to help me manifest my best and highest self?”


O VIRGA AC DIADEMA (English translation)

O branch and diadem…

Unfolding your leaves, you blossomed
in another way…

O flower, you did not spring from the dew,
nor from drops of rain,
nor did an airy wind fly over you,
but the divine radiance
brought you forth on the noblest bough.

O branch, God foresaw
your blossoming
on the first day of creation.

And he made you as a golden matrix
for his Word…

So the instruments of heaven chime
and the whole earth marvels…
for God has greatly loved you…

you who bore the new light
for humankind…
into celestial harmony.

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