Finding the Light in the Darkness
The sunlight is fading and the daylight hours are becoming shorter. Autumn has displayed its exquisite beauty in fiery colors of golden and red for a few weeks and now winter seems to have surprised us with an early arrival!

​​As the darkness seeps into our days, sometimes it can reign in our lives too. It can feel all pervasive and it’s difficult to find a spark of light. You can’t seem to even remember that there was a time that you were in touch with your own inner light. Or that light can even shine. You feel completely swallowed by the darkness.The only possibility that appears to exist is to surrender.


Surrender to this eternal darkness.

As you let go and surrender to the darkness, that is all that you know and all that you feel. Nothing more. There is no existence of light.  Only darkness.


In this dismal pit, a tiny spark is kindled.A new flame.

Giving you hope.

Embrace the spark. Be open. Be curious.

What vision is arising?  What new idea?  What radiating light are you to shine into the world now?

Warm yourself by this spark, and let it strengthen your whole being. Trust that this is divine light shining in your life. Let go of your doubts and fear.  Let them dissolve into the warmth of the flame.

Ask for divine guidance. What is the spark of light that you have now to share with the world? Ask that you may see clearly the light and the way.

This song, SHINE THE LIGHT, was written as a creative expression of that time of darkness within me. Today, I use it to flame my light whenever I feel it needs to shine brighter. It helps me to remember that there is a divine light within me that’s longing to be shared with the world.

I invite you to take a moment to listen to the song and read the lyrics below.

​Keep it handy so that in those moments of darkness that arise, you too can remember your divine spark and gain the strength needed to shine it in the world.  You can be encouraged knowing that others have been in this same place of darkness before and you too can find light once again.


music and lyrics by David Sharp

Once I thought I knew my way
Now I’m in the darkness
Looking for a light that shows
my way, a path uncharted.

The devil runs deep and dark and wide
saying how can you be a prophet?
Where is my vision when I can’t even see… me?

Shine the light
so I may see
shine in me
show me the way clearly…
Still how will I know?
will it shine in the dark
will it glow, will it spark –
will it light up the sky in the night of my heart?

Searching through my empty faith
trembling at the choices
to put the fear behind me
and silence all the voices

of doubt, despair, defeat…
I must not let them win…
so I declare I believe that God does care … for me.

Shine the light
so I may see
shine in me
show me the way clearly…
Still how will I know?
will it shine in the dark
will it glow, will it spark –
will it light up the sky in the night of my heart?

Why did you call my name
why couldn’t you let me be..?
Singing, writing, painting, dancing
that’s good enough for me.
How can I be…
what you say I’m meant to be…
when I feel so lost… so lonely?

I know there is a heaven
but I want to feel it here inside.
I want to let my JOY breakthrough
I don’t want her to hide. 
With your glory before me
I will follow where you lead
if I see just a shimmer
I know I can find my destiny.

the light shines
and now I see
it shining in me
showing the way clearly…
Now I know
that it shines in the dark
it does glow, it does spark –
and it lights up the sky in the night of my heart

shine O light
shine O light
shine O light
Now l can paint the light of my heart

Now I see… I  know my way…

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