How Can We Feel Safe and Secure in Our Lives?
​Life is changing rapidly and rather unpredictably these days, isn’t it?  An unexpected surprise almost every day, it seems!

The world can seem a frightening place at times.  Your instincts heighten.  Your whole body screams  SURVIVE!  PRESERVE MYSELF!

You may want to run away or maybe verbally strike out angrily at your friends and family.  Or you just feel frozen in place –unable to move.

You might even become a “mother bear” wanting to protect yourself and others who are more vulnerable.

I know the recent damage of the studio was an unexpected surprise to me.  At first, I felt upset and then sad at the extensive damage to the sacred space that has held and embraced me ……  and our whole community.  Fear came as a visitor knocking on my door.  What now? What next?  How can I protect this space?  

We all have these surprises in our life – big ones or small ones – that bring fear to our door as an unexpected visitor.  Fear of not having enough or fear of losing what I have.  It’s part of our human nature, living upon this lovely planet Earth that is our home.

Yet, it is not easy!   Just breathing and trusting that the Universe will provide for your needs of safety and security, knowing….

I feel safe and secure.  I have what I need.

I feel deeply rooted in Mother Earth.

I am grounded with the Earth, standing on my own two feet.

The Root Chakra
The first chakra, the root chakra, is a dear friend to us!  She is the one that sits with us over a cup of tea, listening to our struggles that frighten us and then helps us gather all of our strength and courage to move forward.  To find our resources to survive and take action in really difficulty situations.

We can be grateful we have been given a gift of this friend!

The root chakra is located at the base of the spine.Picture  It is what supports us in being grounded or rooted upon the Earth.  To remove the obstacles that get in our way as we live our lives.

It is the Foundation of Life.  And it is the Keeper of Beginnings.
The Mother Earth energy within us.

It is where our instinctual needs reside. Our desire to procreate and to bring peace, love and happiness to our loved ones.  Our desire to expand into our joy, pleasure, and passion.

We shine brilliantly knowing that we are a spiritual being!  We are safe and secure at our foundation.  We can grow within the eternal Light of the Divine to become our highest self.

This chakra when in balance flows fully as a beautiful red lotus flower  with an intense gold center.

Healing the Root Chakra with Mantra
Chanting a mantra that relates to the Hindu deity associated with this chakra can help you to bring awareness and healing to this chakra, calming fear and grounding you in safety and security.

Ganesh, the Hindu deity with a body of a man and head of an elephant, can support us in the healing of challenges within the root chakra.  He is the Lord of Beginnings, and through his power everything is possible.  No obstacles can stand in the way.

Find the Healing Ganesh Mantra in my Healing Library (click here) and chant along with me as you sit in a relaxed, yet upright position.  Before you begin, speak this prayer to the Divine Spirit:

“Divine Spirit, infinite source of life and love.  I ask that you support me in bringing balance to my root chakra. I release and dissolve any negative energies or experiences within this energy center so that I may be rooted while I grow into the Light of the Divine to become my highest self. “

Then, begin the Ganesh mantra chant.   Remember to end with a moment of silence and inward reflection.

If you would like, share your experiences with this mantra and the root chakra in the comment section below. What comes up for you?  How does chanting the mantra support you?

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