Finding Your Way Forward In Uncertain Times

Our journey through life can sometimes bring us surprises. Sometimes joyous ones.  But, sometimes challenging ones like the one we’re experiencing now with the pandemic.

As the world has slowed down and it’s hard to see what will come our way in the next weeks and months, we try to calm our anxiety and accept the current circumstances the best we can. We also try to remember to take care of ourselves as well as the members of our community. What a grand opportunity to practice living in the present moment!

In this unusual time, we’re called to turn inwardly and find our inner strength, our inner power, to navigate our way forward. One step at a time.
You may ask yourself – But how do I find this inner strength?  How does it arise within me?
An image of St. Hildegard holding her abbess staff comes to my mind.  Her strength and power from within radiate out to the world as she speaks, “God created me… God is also my strength… Through God, I have living spirit.  Through God I have life and movement.  Through God I learn, I find my path…” ​


We see how St. Hildegard finds her strength through connecting with the Divine within.  Great wisdom for us to consider now!
To find our own inner power, we can first come to our center, that space that is still and quiet within the center of the whirlwind of chaos or turmoil.Take a few minutes in a quiet place during the day to find this place. Calm your body and mind.  Close your eyes and take several deep breaths.Breathe in, breathe out.We often take our breath for granted. Yet it’s our source of life.  In a deep inhale, into your belly, you help your blood be nourished, fueling your whole body.  As you exhale, you let go of the waste the body does not need, detoxing your bodily systems.Now breathe normally, but try to do so slowly, bringing a pause at the end of the exhale and the end of the inhale. Try this for a few minutes.

When you enter into this space of quiet and calm, you can access a greater wisdom within yourself and in the universe. You can access that great river of health, abundance, wisdom, and guidance for yourself.  The dwelling of your Higher Self.  In the present moment, not the past, not the future. This space is always within you.

There we can connect with the Source. We find our inner strength and power to carry us forward on our life’s journey.  Bringing us hope, encouragement, and power.
As we find our own power from within, let’s not forget what a treasure it is to connect with a dear friend, even from a distance, in your journey through daily life.  Someone who supports and loves you.  Who encourages you and gives you guidance.  Someone who recognizes your greatness and lifts you up when you have anxiety or fear. Who encourages you to reach for that dream you have.
If you have someone such as this, open your heart to appreciate this person’s presence in your life during these challenging times.  Be grateful for this moment. ​


I remember one of St. Hildegard’s closest friends and confidant. While living at the St. Disibod Abbey, her friend, Volmar, was the first person to validate her visions as divine experiences. He recognized her rare spiritual gifts and became a good friend and mentor for many years in her life.
It’s clear that over the years St. Hildegard greatly valued and appreciated her dear friend, Volmar, who supported and encouraged her. She was not alone in navigating the unprecedented path for a woman to share her visions with the public.
Let us remember today that the strength we need in these times is already within us if we just take a quiet moment to reconnect to it.  And the steps on our journey are a little easier to take when we have a close friend to call upon. Someone who supports and encourages us.  We can remember we don’t have to do it alone.
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