Move Out Of Fear Into Faith

Do you have a clear picture of what you are being called to birth into the world that’s part of your higher purpose at this time?  The reason why you’re here.

Are you living a truly inspired and creative life, where you’re bringing that into reality in the world –  in the way that you dream you could?

Envision how you could manifest this now. Imagine it bringing warmth and healing into the world.

What’s standing in your way?

What often stands in our way again and again is FEAR.

You know how it feels to be full of fear. You’re paralyzed and can’t even take the first step towards manifesting your creative dreams.

​An opportunity will come your way and you say, “I can’t do that”… “I’m not available”… “I am not capable” or “I don’t have time for that.”

You feel lethargic. You hide, doing anything to not be seen.

Do you want to finally move out of this fear and into faith?

Then, I invite you to learn a body prayer to support you in being filled with a knowing that you are part of the Divine… This knowing is called Faith.

In this state of faith, you will know that you’re whole and that you’re love. You’ll trust that you have everything you need to manifest the longings of your soul.


As we sing the sacred words while moving the body intentionally with the music in this body prayer, it connects us with the depth and truth of the meaning of the sacred text. This is a potent spiritual practice where you experience a sense of unity with the Divine.

The sacred words of Kyrie Eleison (Creator of Life, Awaken Love Within Us) used in this body prayer will reverberate through your whole being and move you from fear into faith, knowing that you are a part of the Divine.

Discover more about this body prayer here in the 3rd video of my series of 3 KEYS TO MASTER YOUR CREATIVITY.

​The world is calling us to become truly inspired and creative beings in our communities in this time!

New and courageous ideas are truly needed.

Through birthing our creations, we become a shining and powerful healing force in the world. What in your life are you being inspired to create?

Move out of the fear that is holding you back from this vision and move into faith that you are divinely inspired and your creativity is needed in this world.


Step into what it would be like if you were able to manifest your vision.  How would you feel?

Picture yourself having already brought this vision into reality.  How do you feel now?

I hope you can manifest that vision into the world!  I look forward to seeing it become a reality!