Finding Your Inner Peace: St. Hildegard’s Gifts for You, Part 13
The recent snow here in Colorado has brought a blanket of stillness to the earth for several days just as we are entering this time of darkness during the year. The light of the sun during the day is less, and darkness of the night lengthens. I can feel Mother Earth breathe in for a peaceful rest, even as I hope to do the same.

As we enter into the darkness of winter, we naturally experience a longing for inner peace. It’s time to turn inward in reflection and contemplation. This will help us to prepare for the return of the sun and the lengthening of days with insights that we can gain during this time.

But, as the holidays approach, we can easily be pulled from this quiet, peaceful time into the busyness of this time of year that is filled with shopping for gifts, visits with friends and family, cooking special foods, and joyous celebrations.

It can also be filled with stress for many. The overwhelm of the season can leave us feeling defeated and irritable before we even start the day. Events from the past can come into our minds and steal our joy and gratitude from the present moment. Challenges in relationships may surface and the upset or anger can leave you exhausted. The memories of the loss of a loved may leave you feeling sad or depressed.  Even worrying about the cost of gifts can bring stress as we try to bring joy to others.

What stress seems to be pulling you away from experiencing peace and love in this season?


​With all of the hustle and bustle, it can be easy to get caught up in this stress and lose focus on the essence of this season –  a feeling of peace, joy, and love for yourself and others.

St. Hildegard shares her thoughts in Scivias that we can call upon to give us the strength to return to the essence of the season,  “You see a burning light which is of a great size, just as any mountain is high and great. The light is divided into many tongues at its top. In front of this light, there is a great crowd of people standing. The people are covered in light, and there is a brightly shining covering in front of all this crowd. This covering shines like crystal and it covers the people…”

Imagine that you’re being filled with this bright radiant light that shines with the strength of a great mountain that’s blessed with the unconditional love of the Divine. Take a quiet moment and slowly breathe in the warmth, light, and power. Feel how this dissolves anything that may be interfering with you experiencing peace and love this season. Breathe out and release those things that are obstacles. Return to the present moment and choose to feel calm, peace, and love.


This is your True Self.  One that is loving, peaceful, and joyous.  Return to this place again and again this season.

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