3 Ways to Find Hope When You Need it Most: St. Hildegard’s Gifts for You, Part 12

It’s a wonderful feeling when we have hope for the future.  When we have a positive outlook on what arises in our lives.

A sense of hope brings light into our lives. It brightens our day. Makes us feel lighter, happier, and peaceful.

St. Hildegard, in Scivias, shares a vision that reminds me of how hope can brighten our lives, “…a flame of inestimable brightness suddenly descends from the opened heaven…completely with its brightness, … (making) things light with its rays. And while the flame radiates, … (it) bears the offering upwards invisible to the secrets of heaven… just as a person draws a breath inwards and then sends it outwards again.”

​This bright light of hope can help you to move through difficult times, bringing you strength in moments of darkness.  It’s such a powerful antidote to the feeling of despair.


​When you can cultivate a sense of hope, you begin to realize how you’re a part of a greater universe and divine plan. You come to find meaning in the pain and difficulties in your life, as you realize they may help you learn what you need to on your path in life.
You experience that you can grow and learn from your painful experiences.  It’s not that they’re not painful while they’re happening.  They are!  But you gain wisdom and strength having lived through them.
When you have a sense of this meaning and purpose in your life, deep within you know you cannot give up, but must find your strength to stay on your path in life.
But how do you cultivate a sense of hope, so that in moments of darkness, you can call upon this for support?When those moments arise where you feel like giving up, how can you dig deep and find the hope you need?Here are 3 ways to cultivate a sense of hope that can support you in darker moments.
1. Be Grateful – By focusing on what’s good in your life and being grateful for it every day, you send your energy there.  You cultivate a sense of abundance and happiness and open a doorway to the Divine Source.


2. Practice Positivity – Negativity is everywhere and can negatively affect you more than you may realize.  Distance yourself from negativity.  Take responsibility for your own thoughts and strive to see the good in a situation. When you have a positive outlook on life, you see obstacles as opportunities for growth and are able to experience joy for others’ good fortune.

3. Celebrate 
– Take time to celebrate a moment of accomplishment and meaning in your life.  I believe it is important to celebrate something daily! Maybe you finished that project that you have been working on for many weeks.  Maybe a loved one was accepted into a desired course of study. Or a friend started that new business venture. Take a moment to honor and celebrate this moment of excitement and joy, bringing light into your life.


Take time to cultivate a sense of hope in your life today.  Then in those inevitable times of darkness, you’ll be able to tap into this wellspring of strength.

You’ll be better prepared for those moments that arise with a feeling of despair and be able to dig deep within to find the sense of hope you need for the future.

“Hope is important because it can make the present moment less difficult to bear. If we believe that tomorrow will be better, we can bear a hardship today.
Thich Nhat Hanh

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