Finding Your Authentic Voice: 5 Ways to Get Started

You probably spend a good part of your day communicating with others whether you’re cooking dinner with your family, giving a presentation at work, or talking with the cashier at the supermarket.

Even though communication is a central part of our daily lives, finding our authentic voice isn’t always easy. We can be influenced by the outside world. There’s so much that comes toward us each day, our communication often becomes something that’s not our own voice.

Maybe we express agreement or remain silent to keep the peace. Maybe we speak what we know will be pleasing even though we don’t agree.

Or maybe we think our words, thoughts and ideas aren’t important. Or we have fear and anxiety about repercussions if we express our self authentically, so stay quiet instead.

Or maybe our thoughts and ideas seem so different from others, we don’t share them to try to fit into the social group.

Do you experience any of these with your communication?

Finding your authentic voice means that you know who you are at the core and are able to express that within the world. Sometimes using your authentic voice comes easily in a situation and other times it requires great courage to speak.

Getting in touch with your authentic voice and being able to discern what it is compared to other communication will help you build your courage to express your true self. Use these 5 ways to develop a deeper connection to your authentic voice.

  1. Spend time alone – When you spend time alone, you can more get to know yourself better without the influences of others. Notice what draws you in, where your attention goes, what you prefer to do. What energizes and inspires you?
  2. Be silent and turn inward – Take time each day to close your eyes and sit silently. Slow your breathing and turn inward. Let the thoughts that enter your mind float away into the distance. Reconnect with your true self. You’ll feel more grounded and centered. You’ll more easily recognize your authentic voice and have the courage to use it.

3. Learn to recognize your intuition – Notice when you have flashes of insight or a gut feeling during the day. Notice how your body feels. How is it different from being influenced by others or by your emotions or fears? Ask yourself, why has this insight come now? How is it important? As you get to know your intuition better, turn to this inner guidance when you have questions or need to make decisions.

4. Find your own path – We can often be influenced by the world around us and stray from our own path as a unique individual. We’re concerned about fitting in and being liked. We want to avoid conflict and keep peace. We please others. Pay attention to when you betray your authentic voice. Ask yourself why you did so and what your authentic voice might have said instead. Strive to take one step closer to that voice, expressing your own thoughts, following your own goals and dreams. Walk your own unique path.

5. Be creative – Being creative can put you directly in touch with your own authenticity, your true and individual self. Choose something creative you love and have fun! Express yourself through your creativity, and you’ll soon encounter and recognize your authentic voice in your creative work.

Finding your authentic voice will put you on a path to being your true self, your higher self, the one you were meant to become in this lifetime. There’s only one of you and you’re unique!

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