Feeling Lethargic? Put on some music and move!

You may have heard me share that elephants are my favorite animals. When I was a little girl, I remember taking a lump wet, cold clay and through the coaxing of my hands, I created a magnificent beast.

First one elephant.

Then another.

Then another.

And then I had a whole herd of elephants! The strength that came through their powerful legs, long trunk, and amazing ears seemed to resonate with me.

And, oh, how I adored my collection of elephants for many months!

Later in my life, as an adult, I discovered the Hindu deity Ganesh, a deity with the head of an elephant and the body of a human. I was completely captivated!  The power and strength of the elephant seemed to call to me once again.

Guided by one of my teachers in a class, I learned to chant Om Gum Ganeshaya Namaha, repeating the sounds again and again, allowing them to resonate throughout my whole body. We, as students, were invited to move, if inspired.

Soon, I felt the spirit of this great creature, the elephant, with its power and glory fill my body. Its powerful legs and the way they moved their long trunks. Even their amazing, huge ears!

The elephant became alive and energized within me!

Now, many years later, I know that I can call upon the powerful image of the elephant and this sacred Ganesh mantra to support me.

Today, I invite you to put on a favorite song or even a mantra. Sing or chant along with it. When inspired, begin to move. Maybe an animal movement will arise. Or maybe a movement from nature like waves in the ocean or grass blowing in a breeze. Move in whatever way you’re inspired to.

And when the music comes to an end, take a deep breath, and see how you feel.

What has shifted? How do you feel now compared to before?

Music and movement are such great gifts!

You’ll find yourself:

  • Calm, yet energized
  • Relaxed and content
  • Ready to continue your day with a new mindset

Becoming aware of the power of music combined with movement in your life can support you in being able to shift your mood quickly and easily when you need to. And you’ll have fun too!

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