Discover the Artist Within
Are you an artist?

When you first read this question, what was your immediate reaction?

“No not really, I’m not very artistic.”

Or was it closer to, “Of course, I’m an artist” as images of the art you create come to your mind.

Or maybe somewhere in between?

When we think of an artist, we often think of someone who has a developed skill and talent in one of the arts of singing, dancing, drawing, painting, drama, or perhaps poetry.

True, yet we can expand that view to areas that may not come to mind right away.

How about……
and more………

Each one of us is capable of creating, of bringing forth something new to life in a moment of inspiration, imagination, and creativity.

You are an artist.  I am an artist. Every one of us is an artist.

As an artist, creativity is the sweet nectar of the Divine brought to Earth through you.

When that creative inspiration arrives, a vibrant flow of energy flows through your whole body.  You know you are part of something greater.

You lose track of what is outside of yourself in the world – schedules, meals, tasks, and time.  Your thoughts dissolve and this creative force infuses your whole being.


​You have an inner urge to express something new.  One that charges forward and can’t easily be stopped.This energetic force moves toward form. Something new and valuable that had not existed or been known before comes to life.

You may paint, write a song, dance, or cook a meal.  You may sketch, write a story, design a building, or take a photo.

The inspired artist through the coaxing and caressing of cold clay brings the gift of life to a sculpture.

Through the dancing of rich, vibrant splashes of paint on paper, the artist brings forth a visual feast for the eyes.Whether through words or colors or movement or sounds, you, as artist and the vehicle for creative inspiration, give it expression. a path that flows out into the world.

To be inspired — is to breathe in the breath of life.

​For IN — SPIRE means to breathe in. The inflowing breath of life flows in without form and flows out through your creative expression into the world in form.

In ancient Greece, the  Greeks believed that artistic inspiration came from one of the 9 Muses. It was  gifted from one of these female deities so that the human would be inspired to create in form.

Today, when your Divine muse calls upon you, breathe in the sweet fragrance of creative inspiration. You’ll feel this magnetic pull toward creation.

It ‘s time to make, to do, to move, to bring life to something new.

Your focus on this new life will become all encompassing, as you dive in to all parts of the beauty, truth, and harmony of a birth. You will feel fully alive in this world, completely enveloped by this force.

You will not rest until this force of creative inspiration reaches a place of satisfying completion for the moment.

And when you do come to a place of rest for the day, you will feel drained and at peace, with a deep sense of gratitude for this moment of creativity. Ready for delicious rest.

Creativity is fundamental expression of the human being. An expression of the inner self, the authentic self. An expression of self discovery bringing to us a possibility for self healing.


It is part of why we are here upon Earth. Our destiny work in the world.
Through our creative expression, we can imagine and create the new ideas, the new solutions, the new ways of thinking that are needed within our communities, locally and globally.  It can become a powerful healing force in the world. So that we can live more fully and peacefully upon our great Mother Earth.

​Pick up a paintbrush or a pencil or a lump of clay.  Or whatever you choose.  See what you breathe in from the Divine as creative inspiration.

And as Vincent Van Gogh said,

“If you hear a voice within you say, ‘You cannot paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced” 


For Creativity is the breath of life.
Every one of us is an artist.
Whatever the expression of our creativity, it is our prayer and praise. (Via Creativa).  The 7th principle of Creation Spirituality.Want to explore your own creative expression as an artist?  Click here to find out more about my class in February.