Are You A Mystic?
Do you consider yourself a mystic? 
What is a mystic?  

You, as a human being living upon this beautiful earth, look into the eyes of a newborn baby.


​You hear a song that makes your heart sing and your whole being vibrate. You take a walk around a lake and feel gratitude for the health of your body and the air you breathe in that sustains you.

​You hold the hand of someone who dies.

These are moments. 
Moments in time of our lives upon Earth.  
Moments in time that are doorways.  Doorways to the Divine.  To that which is beyond that moment as it seems to exist on the surface.  
As you stand on the threshold of the doorway, you wonder and you question.


What is beyond?  Before birth, after death?What is the Essence of Life?

​What is our greatest potential as human beings on the Earth?

What is true in the world – beyond me and my thoughts in the world?

What is Divine Truth?

How am I part of the Divine and the Divine part of me?

Who am I? Truly, in the deepest sense?

And, why am I here?

You desire to know, to understand………..beyond just your intellectual thinking.

With courage, you step over that threshold of the doorway and explore to see what is beyond the self-created and society-created screens to what exists beyond –- before us, with us, and after us……….that which is eternal and omnipresent.  

These are the explorations of a mystic.  To look beyond the obvious in matters to discover deeper truths about life and our connection to the Divine.  To realize our wholeness within the universe and within the Divine.  
The mystic looks at all of life with great curiosity and as a welcoming opportunity to discover, awaken to, and express the Divine.  
You may arrive at that threshold of the doorway through great awe and wonder at the beauty of the Divine within the Universe. The path of the Via Positiva. 
Or maybe you arrived at the doorway through a place of deep silence, darkness, and suffering.  The path of the Via Negativa. 
These spiral together in our lives and bring us to places of deeper questioning and desire to know eternal truths. Both of us can enter this mystical path of life.  Yes, you can stand at that threshold of that doorway and cross over.  And I can stand at that threshold and cross over.
For every one of us is a mystic.We can enter the mystical as much through beauty (Via Positiva) as through contemplation and suffering (Via Negativa). We are born full of wonder and can recover it at any age.The 6th principle of Creation Spirituality: Every one of us is a mystic.Curious to explore more as a mystic?  Click here to find out about my class in February.