Creativity as a Key to Feeling Energized and Alive: 7 traits of creative people

How much do you engage your creative side in life? 

Creativity is essential to our health and well-being. As long we’re creating, we keep growing, developing, and evolving as individuals and as a community. 

If we cease to create, then our life energy decreases. Decay and deterioration enter in.  Our state of health declines. 

Creativity is like a refreshing breath of life for us, helping us to thrive. It feeds us, making us feel invigorated, energized, and alive. It gives us the gifts of vitality, health, and strength.  

When was the last time you engaged in creativity? Today, yesterday, last week? 

The great teacher, Deepak Chopra, speaks about the 7 points we can use to measure how well we’re bringing creativity into our lives. 

The most creative people in any field typically share these 7 traits: 

  1. They’re able to enter into and enjoy silence.
  2. They connect with and enjoy Nature.
  3. They trust their feelings.
  4. They can remain centered and function amid confusion and chaos.
  5. They’re childlike –- they enjoy play.
  6. They self-refer which means they place the highest trust in their own consciousness.
  7. They’re not rigidly attached to any point of view. Although they’re passionately committed to their creativity, they remain open to new possibilities.

How many of these traits do you see in your daily life? Which ones come easily to you and which ones don’t? 

It’s not that you need each one in every day, but simply allow them to arise in your life often. 

When you engage in your own personal creativity, you’re able to get in touch with the creative power of the universe. It’s here that you can draw upon the universal energy that helps you to continue to grow and evolve. It’s here where you can connect with your true nature and become more closely aware of your soul’s longings that are wanting to manifest in the world

Today, I want to encourage you to pick 1 of the 7 traits above that you’d like to bring into your life more. Consider how you can do this today and this week.

Maybe you’ll set aside special time for this. Or maybe you’ll shift your attitude or actions in the midst of your regular daily life.

Either way, you’ll be taking one more step toward being creative in your life!

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