Awaken to the Beauty in the World

​This week, as I’ve seen the beauty of the sun shining on the sparkling white snow resting in the branches of the evergreen trees, I’m reminded of a favorite Navajo Prayer Song about beauty.

Now I Walk in Beauty

Now I walk in beauty
Beauty is before me
Beauty is behind me

Above and below me

Beauty’s easy to see in the world when we look at something like the sun shining upon the glistening snow or a palm tree sway in the breeze over turquoise waters


​But what about on a gray overcast day when you’re not feeling particularly energetic and enthusiastic about life? And there seem to be many problems that you’re facing at the moment.

How do we find the beauty in the world then?


I’ve learned, in my life, that this is the most important time to see the beauty in the world. Even though it may be hard.

When we do find the beauty – either see the beauty that is already there or create beauty in our lives – it’s like healing salve to our soul.

It helps us not get bogged down by our difficulties.

It brings us a sense of peace and joy in our day and in our lives.

Take a moment and consider the beauty that is all around you right now.  Maybe the dazzling color of a blooming flower or the crackling flames of a fire in a fireplace.  Maybe a soothing song you heard on the radio.

Consider the beauty you create in your life too. The beauty of a meaningful encounter with a loved one that ends with a warm smile.  The beauty of a nutritious salad you just made for lunch brimming with fresh produce with all the colors of the rainbow.

Taking time to become mindful of the beauty in your life can help you to….

  1. Focus on the positive, not the negative – Our tendency is often to focus on what is wrong in our lives, not what is right. Noticing beauty helps us to become aware of what is good, what is right, what is beautiful in our lives.
  2. Awaken gratitude – When we become aware of the beauty in our lives, it awakens our sense of gratitude for all that we have.  And,
    we know how beneficial this is to our personal growth and our health.
  3. Be in the present moment – When you pause to see and recognize the beauty around you right now, you come into the present
    moment.  You set aside your thoughts about the past and about the future and become mindful of what is in the present in your life.
  4. Cultivate a mood of calm, peace, and joy – Noticing the beauty in the present moment, automatically slows us down.  We breathe
    deeper, feel warmed within, and smile. A wave of peace and joy washes over us.
  5. Express your love and care for yourself and others – Beauty in the form of actions such as a vase of flowers set lovingly on a table, a tidy kitchen, a warm smile, or a handwritten note all express love and care for either yourself or others.


What beauty can you find around you right now?
How can you bring beauty into your life more?Interested in more?  Check out my Free Healing Library on my website at Doctor of the Soul.