The Healing Power of Music
I’ve mentioned before that one of my favorite spiritual texts is Psalm 91. My husband, David, introduced this Psalm to me years ago as it was a text that had supported him through difficult times. It spoke to me so deeply that I decided to commit it to memory.
Not long after that, I was inspired to write a melody for it. Listen to it here11_psalm_91.mp3.
After first memorizing the text then bringing it to life through music, I was amazed at how powerful and potent this was for me as a healing energy. To this day when ever I am feeling low, discouraged, overwhelmed or hopeless, listening to this recording and singing along immediately lifts me up.

We spend so much of our time in a visual world nowadays which is really centered more within the left side of our brain. This is the side that is all about doing.  I know I often feel a longing for balancing this with my sense of hearing. This is based within the right side of our brain that is more about being.

Hearing sound through vibrations such as music and our own voice is a vast realm of potential energy that can be harnessed for our own healing and well-being. Joining this healing potential of music with a spiritual text that is sacred can be an incredible gateway to a universal archetypal energy field far greater than ourselves. We can vibrate with a higher level of consciousness.


​Every organ, tissue, and cell has its vibration.  When these are in harmony, then we have our health and well-being. If disharmony arises in some form, there is a loss of well-being and we may experience discomfort and disease.

According to Deepak Chopra,
“The body is held together by sound, and the presence of disease indicates that some sounds are out of tune… primordial sound is the mysterious link that holds the universe together in a web that is the quantum field.”

We can even see the potency of sound when the Bible speaks of the initial spark of creation that came from sound or vibration. It says, according to John, “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God … and the Word was made flesh.”


If we understand Word as Sound, we see how sound can be such a creative force.

Why not explore your creative side and tap into this vast potential of healing energy through sound?

Pick a favorite spiritual text. Which one resonates with you?  How could you put it to music?

Give it a try! Reap the benefits of the power of harmonious sound in your life. When we bring the right kind of sound into our lives, we can align ourselves with vibrations that encourage health, happiness, and unity.

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