Tap into Creativity to Release the Stress of Your Day In Just 5 Minutes!

Don’t you love to dive into your creativity when you have the time?

But you don’t often find the time?

You imagine creativity as something to do when you’re done with work and your tasks around the house. Or maybe when you’re on vacation.

Then those times just seem to float away like a cloud on a summer’s day as your time gets filled with other things that grab your attention.

Let me tell you, I can relate! I get busy working on the creation of The Good&Sharp Studios with my husband, David, and supporting my family members in need. If I’m not careful, the stress and busyness can increase, and I lose sight of fun and creative time for myself.

Which is why I created my “Creativity Bowl”!!!

Find out more how to create your own Creativity Bowl to start using today and every day for a creativity break!

​I know that creativity relaxes me and brings me joy! So, I’ve come up with a way to add it into my life on a daily basis. Even in the midst of a busy day. In only 5 minutes!


Yes, in 5 minutes, you can get your creative juices flowing and can completely shift your mood. Consider it a creativity break instead of a coffee break!

You’ll be energized and be ready to return to your day. And it’s fun and playful too – my favorite type of creativity!

In just a few minutes, you’ll be able to step out of the stress of your day and ….

1. Relax your body   Slower breathing typically helps to relax the body and quiet the mind. You begin to feel open and spacious. Your body can enter into its natural state of healing itself releasing any stress and toxins. This can set you on path for greater health and happiness in your life.

2. Improve your mood Being creative enhances your energy and invites you to play, have fun and experiment. As a result, more generosity, openness, and positivity blossom within your life.

3. Build your confidence Through creativity, you connect with yourself more deeply. You grow and stretch. You learn to nurture your heart and trust your intuition.

4. Return to your work with a new energy for solving problems In creativity, you explore new possibilities and perspectives. This enhances your ability to be creative in solving problems in your work and your life.

5. Support a longer and healthier life When being creative, you feel more alive and connected to the world.  Curious about life and more engaged. This reduces the risk of illness and disease, including conditions such as Alzheimer’s. It increases your healing potential. You live longer and with a healthier, higher quality of life. Now even proven in scientific studies!


Find out more about this simple way of taking a creativity break during your day – maybe once or maybe once every hour.  Whatever you need!  It just takes a few minutes to put together and then you’re set to go.

I know I look forward to my creativity breaks every day now. They’re so fun and guided by the creative things I love to do!  Yours will be too. Find out more about how to create your own Creativity Bowl to start using today and every day.