Opening the Heart to Love and Compassion

A lovely piece of pottery glimmers with cracks that are filled with gold. Giving the piece an appearance that is unique to itself.  Unlike any other piece of pottery.

The artist, instead of hiding or disguising the past, has transformed the piece’s damage and history into something beautiful.

The original piece now becomes even more stunning and unique than before it was broken.  Creating a glorious, new life.

This old tradition in Japan is called Kintsugi, the mending of broken pottery with gold.


What suffering, with deep wounds of your heart, have
you experienced?  Could they be healed and filled
with gold?

Have you suffered grief, betrayal, or

Do you feel a lack of compassion toward yourself
or others?

Are you able to fully feel these emotions and then
let them go?

Opening your heart to compassion, love,
​and understanding.




The Heart Chakra

The fourth chakra, the heart chakra, is located at the center of the chest.  It’s the bridge between the lower chakras of matter and the upper chakras of spirit. It’s related to the element of air.  We can use our breath and movement, within the air, to feel deeply connected with all that is around us, harmoniously exchanging energy with it.

When this chakra is open and balanced, you flow with love, empathy, and compassion.

You accept others and yourself.

You forgive easily.

You are open to love.

Healing the Heart Chakra with Mantra

Chanting a mantra that relates to a Hindu deity associated with this chakra can help you to bring awareness and healing to this chakra, healing your hurt and pain and opening your heart to love, compassion, and understanding.

To help balance the heart chakra, we can call upon the god, Krishna, the Hindu god that radiates love and compassion. His playful nature also reminds us to remain good-natured through the challenges that come our way in our life’s journey.

You can find the Healing Krishna Mantra in my Free Healing Library and chant along with me as you sit in a relaxed, yet upright position.



​   Before you begin, speak this prayer to the Divine Spirit:

   “Divine Spirit, infinite source of life and love, I ask that you support me in bringing
balance to my heart chakra. I release and dissolve any negative energies or
experiences within this energy center so that I can open my heart to love, compassion,
and understanding while I grow into the Light of the Divine to become my highest self. “

Then, begin the Krishna mantra chant.   Remember to end with a moment of silence
and inward reflection.


​If you’d like, share your experiences with this mantra and the heart chakra in the
comment section below. What comes up for you?  How does chanting the mantra
support you?