How to Savor the Final Days of Summer

Here we are in our last delicious days of summer!  The air’s ripe with all that has flourished and come to fruit in the warmth of the summer. In the gentle breeze, we can smell the sweetness and feel the moisture of nature at the heights of this season.

Soon summer will draw to a close. But before that happens, take a moment to appreciate all of the gifts that summer offers us!  Savor them like you would a good book on a lazy day of lounging near the water in the cool shade of a tree in the middle of summer.

Here are some ideas for how you can savor the final days of summer.  Enjoy!

Linger in the Sun
Take a few moments to linger in the sun.  We, of course, need the Vitamin D which supports our health.  But take time to feel the sun warm your face and brighten your mood. Feel the golden light pour into you, giving you strength and warmth. Journey with the sun as it sets over the horizon. Soak in it’s beauty! This is a photo of a sunset my husband and I recently enjoyed in Kauai.

Be in Nature
Go outside to enjoy the splendor of nature at this time of the year.  The beauty of the blossoming flowers with bees buzzing about. The fullness of life that flows from the crowns of the trees, the grassy ground and all around us in the color of green – life-giving, luscious green.Find some water nearby maybe in the form of a bubbling stream or a crystal clear lake.  Savor the refreshing feel of the cool water on your feet or hands as the warm sun shines down upon you. If you can, submerge yourself fully into the water and feel how it nurtures and purifies.Be grateful for the splendid beauty and life that is given as gift to us in this season of summer! Enjoy this photo I took of the evening waves in Kauai!


Eat Fresh from the Garden
Whether it’s food harvested right from your garden or from the local farmer’s market, enjoy a meal made of fresh fruits and vegetables that were recently harvested.  Mindfully savor each taste and texture in your mouth.  Let the brilliant colors be a celebration for your eyes – bright yellow squash, deep red peppers, radiant orange carrots and pineapples! In this photo you see me and my husband in Kauai, enjoying some of the most delicious pineapples we have ever had!


Gaze at the Stars
Before you head to bed, go outside and be embraced by the warmth of the summer’s night air.  Gaze into the darkness of the night and see how the sky’s filled with the sparkling light of the stars.


Search for the moon and let its silvery light pour into you, sharing with you the gift of rhythm and reflection.

May you enjoy the deliciousness of the last days of summer!

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