How to Maintain Your Spiritual Practice Even in the Summer

Are you having a hard time sticking to your spiritual practice?

Do you get started on your path – whether it be meditation, prayer, or contemplation (or all 3!) and have intentions to do this regularly and then after a little while you realize you haven’t maintained your practice?

You’re not alone!  Many of us do this too!

Creating a sacred space in your home for your spiritual practice can support you in sticking with your intentions. An inviting and meaningful place, dedicated just for this sacred work. It can help you to pause during the day and enter into a calm, relaxed state, more quickly releasing the stress and tension of the day. Each time you use this sacred space, your body will have a memory of its use and your intention.

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But what about when you’re traveling and not home?While we might certainly benefit from having a sacred space in our home, when we’re traveling, this becomes even more challenging!  But don’t let that interrupt your practice.  With a little creativity, you can still continue forward with your practice.


When you are away from home, look around and locate a space that’ll be quiet and without distractions. Maybe outside near a tree or in a room by yourself.

But if those aren’t possible, don’t despair! Think out of the box.

On a bus or subway with the background noise of commuters isn’t out of the question!  With your eyes closed and a foundation of spiritual practice that has been built at home, you’ll probably find that you can transition easily into your practice. It could work well for you!

You may even consider traveling with something meaningful from your sacred space at home that you can hold in your hands. Mala beads or a rosary. Maybe a small crystal. Something that speaks to you and will support you in entering into your spiritual practice.


Are you thinking a bus or subway is too noisy? It’s not going to work for you.  Maybe the bathtub with no water and a request to family members to not disturb you.  Seem strange? It could work if you need it to!

Remember to set your intention for this sacred time. This will help you to slip into the rhythm that you established at home wherever you happen to be traveling.

While you’re traveling away from home, don’t forget to also consider a visit to a sacred place. There are many places in nature in the world that have powerful energies that’ll support you in expanding your consciousness, reaching higher levels of vibration, and maybe even finding answers to deeper questions you have held.

There are also many churches, synagogues, pilgrimage sites and other sacred places where people have come together in worship of the Divine and these places also resonate with a powerful energy that has deepened over the years. This can exponentially magnify the power of your spiritual practice.


What a gift this could be to give to ourselves –  to go to one of these places as a special time to connect with sacred energy.

Enjoy the warmth and fun of summer and any travel plans you have! May you access your inner strength to maintain your spiritual practice during this time that pulls us out in the world!

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