How to Cultivate the Art of Authentic Communication: Part 1 – Finding Your Voice

Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to express yourself – your truth – and you found you couldn’t.  Something seemed to get in your way?

Maybe you felt too nervous or upset, with a lump in your throat.

Maybe your voice was shaky and your palms sweating.

Or you just blurted out words that made little sense.

​Or possibly you were worried that you wouldn’t be heard. That before you fully expressed yourself, you’d be interrupted or dismissed………..or worse yet, even shut down, your thoughts viewed as unimportant.

Finding your voice and authentically expressing yourself isn’t always easy to accomplish. Sometimes it’s easier to simply say what the other person is wanting to hear or is able to hear in that moment, instead of speaking your truth.

Speaking your truth doesn’t mean you can say whatever comes to your mind, even if it’s hurtful or unkind. Speaking your truth, when it arises from your spiritual essence will be clear, yet compassionate.

Speaking and listening are a part of the 5th chakra, the throat chakra.  And, in learning radical self care, many of us need to learn to care for ourselves by finding our voice – our voice to speak our needs, thoughts, and opinions, with clarity, care and compassion.


Of course, balancing the first 4 chakras will help you to find your voice in your 5th chakra.  Overcoming your fear and anxiety, , accessing your creative flow, finding your inner power and confidence, and awakening your heart with love and compassion, within these 4 chakras, will build a strong foundation for authentic communication.

Remembering these steps if you have an important topic to share with someone will help you find your authentic voice in speaking.

  • Ask yourself these questions about what you want to share: Is it needed?  Does it contribute positively to the well-being of self, other, or relationship?  Is it important, real, authentic?
  • Contemplate: How do I convey this in a compassionate way?
  • Use I statements – I feel…, I’d like to request…, In my experience, I …, What I understand is…
  • Find the right time and space for the type of conversation you’d like to have.
  • Communicate important topics in person, not text, email, or a voice message.
  • Practice what you will say out loud or in your mind.  Consider if your words are authentic and compassionate, with the best chance of the other hearing them.


Cultivate the art of communication in your daily life and soon you will be on your way to …..
  • finding your authentic voice
  • speaking your truth with integrity, clarity, and compassion

This is the 5th in my series on Radical Self-Care. Watch for more over the next few weeks!  You can also access an audio of a mantra to chant invoking Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of abundance, here in my Free Healing Library. This mantra can support you in your efforts to speak your truth with compassion and to listen deeply to others, bringing abundance to all. Click here to join the Free Healing Library and access the audio.