How practicing gratitude affects your relationships

This time of year, as I’m making plans to be with family and friends for holiday gatherings, I’m especially grateful for all of the people who have touched my life.  There are so many who make a difference in my life every single day.

Who has touched your life?  Someone you greatly appreciate. Take a moment and think of one. A friend, a relative, a loved one.

Do you remember the moment that this person came into your life?  Do you remember how your life changed as a result?

What are the gifts that this person has brought to you in your life?

Take a moment and imagine that this person never came into your life.

How would your life be different today?  What would you not have or long for?

What a wonderful time to take a moment and feel your gratitude for this person in your life!


Maybe even call or write a letter and tell this person how grateful you are.

Feeling grateful for our relationships with others helps us to feel closer and more connected to people. Which in turn supports, encourages, and sustains us.  What a gift we receive!

Expressing our gratefulness also takes the attention off of ourselves and helps us see that our growth and success are due, in part, by the actions of others who have supported us on our path.

​“When you practice gratefulness, there is a sense of respect towards others.”

                                                                                                    Dalai Lama



Now, let’s take one step more together.
Consider a relationship that has been challenging for you in your life.Certainly there may be parts that you have not appreciated.  But, consider if there’s anything that you have learned in the process of the challenging relationship.  About yourself, about life, about your values, your needs, your boundaries?What have you come to understand about yourself and others because of this relationship?Has this helped you in your own growth and inner development in life?

Of course, we’re not grateful for situations that are toxic, abusive, or harmful to us.  Yet, we can look closer at a difficult situation and possibly discover what we have learned about ourselves and life having moved through such a challenge.

When we practice gratefulness we bring our attention to the present.  We become mindful about how we relate to others. It can open our hearts to one another, facilitate connection, and even break down barriers. Compassion and empathy are awakened.  Our life flows in harmony with the Divine Source within the universe.

I encourage you to continue with this gratefulness practice with other people in your life over the next couple of weeks.  It’s deeply renewing and such a precious gift at this time of year!

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