Healing Our Pain

Our nation is in pain and agony. It is clear. As protests and unrest have erupted across our country, it’s clear that our fellow human beings are not only grieving but also feel compelled to speak out for justice and demand changes to the destructive and hurtful ways.

At the same time, across our country, many are grieving the loss of the lives to the coronavirus and the loss of freedom in life as we knew it.

Our hearts are heavy.  There is much grief and sadness.  There is anger.

We are in pain.

How do you work through your pain?  How do you support others in pain?

To heal my own pain and suffering, one spiritual practice I turn to is mantra chanting.  The sacred sounds coming from my voice resonate throughout my body, bringing my being back into harmony and balance.

Then, as my voice rises into the air, I can send that same energy out to my fellow human beings who also suffer.

Healing with Mantra Chanting

Chanting a mantra that relates to the Hindu deity associated with a chakra can help you to bring awareness and healing to a particular chakra. Our second chakra, the sacral chakra, is located in your lower abdomen, a couple inches below your navel and where our emotions reside.

This is a good place to focus when we feel pain and suffering.

The sacral chakra is a place where we can access our creative nature to move through challenges. And where our relationships with our fellow human beings grow.


​The goddess Saraswati, reigns over creativity, wisdom and knowledge, music and the arts.  She can inspire our creativity in life.  She can support us to find our creative expression that can flow forth in dance, yoga, drawing, painting, singing, and in all aspects of our daily life, allowing us to access our deep wisdom that will guide us through difficult times.

Saraswati supports human beings to ignite the seeds of creative expression within themselves and bring to form in beauty that which has not yet come to manifestation in the world.  Whether it be an idea, thought, dream, song, artistic piece or passion.

A new impulse comes into being!

Creation of the new that is needed in the world.

As you begin to feel the soothing of the grief, pain and suffering that lives within you and the world around you, you can move toward the creation of a new way in the world.

Sara meaning Essence, and Swa as One Self comes together as The Essence of One Self.  In the word Saraswati the meaning becomes, “One who Leads to the Essence of One Self.”

Saraswati, the one who taps into the deepest essence of who you are and your gifts to the world that are needed that can flow through you and out into the world. In service to humanity.

You can find the Healing Saraswati Mantra in my Free Healing Library  and chant along with me as you sit in a relaxed, yet upright position.

Before you begin, speak this prayer to the Divine Spirit:

“Divine Spirit, infinite source of life and love, I ask that you support me in bringing balance to my sacral chakra. I release and dissolve any negative energies or experiences within this energy center so that I may bring to birth my own unique creative expression while I grow into the Light of the Divine to become my highest self. “

Then, begin the Saraswati mantra chant. Remember to end with a moment of silence and inward reflection.


May Saraswati help you to soothe the pain and suffering at this time and rediscover the creative aspect within that will guide you to bring to the world what it is needing now.

Interested in learning more mantras to support you in accessing your inner strength in this unusual time?  Check out my guidebook and audio recordings, How to Bring Life to Your Chakras: 7 Healing Mantras.