Finding Your Strength in Challenging Times
Life’s journey can sometimes bring us surprises. Sometimes joyous ones.  But, sometimes challenging ones where we have to search to find the treasure that may be hidden inside.
Somehow, in those moments, we’re called to find our strength, find our power from within, to navigate our way forward.  One step at a time.
In a quiet moment, you may contemplate, where does that strength come from?  How do I find it?  How does it arise?
I’m often inspired by the image of St. Hildegard holding her abbess staff.  Her strength and power from within radiates out to the world as she speaks, “God created me… God is also my strength… Through God, I have living spirit.  Through God I have life and movement.  Through God I learn, I find my path…”
We see how she finds her strength through connecting with the Divine.
To find our own power, we can come to our center, that space that’s still and quiet within the whirlwind of turmoil.  There we can connect with the Source. We then find strength and power to carry us forward on our life’s journey.  Bringing us hope and encouragement.


I’ll share some ways to support you in finding that center where you can tap into your own strength and power that already exists.
1. Cultivate a quiet time and space regularly. When you enter into this, you can access a greater wisdom within yourself and in the universe.  In being silent, you open to listening to communication that can come from the Divine within you.
2. Trust there is a greater power within the universe.  A divine wisdom and higher consciousness that is at the foundation of all of life.  Connecting to this, gives you strength, power, and courage.
3. Identify where you lose your power.  Claim it back.  When you lose strength, you feel powerless.  If you just “go along” with others or “give in” to others when you really have a different idea, you lose your power. If you believe others matter more than you do, you lose your power.  Standing up for your thoughts and yourself maintains your power within.  Not powering over another, but power that radiates from within you. Your voice, your path, your journey. You matter.
4. Be willing to forgive.  Holding on to hurt and pain from the past can drain your energy and strength.  Create the space within to forgive yourself and others. This can soften your feelings and radiate love to others, giving you strength.
5. Foster resilience.  Strive to bounce back from challenging times instead of feeling defeated or a victim. Return to a place of balance and strength.  This can be cultivated through practicing the first 4 regularly.
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