Finding a Calm and Grounded Way of Being (In the midst of a presidential election and more)

Well, here we are, its presidential election in the USA. It’s a stress-inducing day for most, in the midst of other challenges- the global pandemic, racial tensions, loss of loved ones and our normal ways of daily life and more. Even the calmest of people may be feeling a little anxiety this week!

Although we’re not living in the conditions that our ancestors did where the fight/flight response was needed for survival on a daily basis, we can recognize that this response is wired into our nervous system. And for a good reason! It takes care of us and makes sure our families and lineage survive into the future.

Today, though, in times like this week when we feel that anxiety may be creeping into our lives and the fight/flight response isn’t helpful, let’s remember we have some very supportive practices to calm the body and the mind, bringing us to a place of being grounded, centered and peaceful.

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In addition, here are some practices that I’d recommend to support you this week:

1. Take a deep breath
Breathe in, breathe out. We often forget to breathe! Yet it’s our source of life. Inhale deeply into your belly and help your blood be nourished. Exhale slowly through your nose and let go of the waste the body doesn’t need. At the end of the exhale, open your mouth and blow out any remaining air in your lungs until they’re empty. Breathe in deeply again through your nose and repeat. Pause regularly throughout your day to do this, supporting health and well-being in your body.

2. Ground yourself in nature
​Going outside to be in nature will help you stay calm and grounded, supporting you to center yourself in this stressful time. The relaxation and negative ions will positively affect your brain and body, improving your mood and boosting your immune system. Take off your shoes and put your bare feet on the ground for a short time. Breathe in the fresh air. Look around at all of the beauty in natural world.


3. Remember to meditate
Meditation is a space and time to come back to your true self. In quieting your mind and being present to the moment, you can connect to your Higher Self. Meditation is a time for creating a space that is attentive and mindful of the present moment with an openness to listening. It supports you in remembering who you are and why you are here in the world at this time. Even 5 minutes a day is helpful!
4. Surrender to the moment
​As stress and anxiety creep in, the world can seem dark and hopeless. It can be difficult to find a spark of light. Take a moment and just let go. Allow the present moment to just be. Surrender to what is. Don’t resist it. Flow with it, not against it.In this moment in time, what new vision could arise? What new creation? What spark of light?Warm yourself by this spark, and let it strengthen your whole being. Trust that this is divine light shining into life. Let your stress and anxiety dissolve into the warmth of flame. Let hope for the future rise from the flame.


5. Be open to the mystery
Allow yourself to be open and curious. What if this is our darkest hour before the dawn? What may dawn in this time?  What is being transformed from the old into something new?  What spark is being kindled for the future for our children and our planet? How are we, as humanity, evolving and growing at this time? What is important and meaningful for this moment in time? Be interested. Be open. Be curious.Remember now is the time to make use of the practices that support you. And may you have  grounded and calm days this week, no matter what unfolds in the world outside.Are you feeling anxious or stressed about this week? Discover how to shine the light into what you are experiencing here.