Discovering the Gift of Sheltering in Place

What an unusual time we are in! Most of the country is in shelter in place. Life has become slower and quieter. Uncertainty of the future and a focus on the present is now our daily practice.

The roads are almost empty of cars, yet the sidewalks are filled with families walking, playing and working outside their houses. Physical distancing from our friends and family members is becoming a habit even as we still miss all of the adventures we usually have out in the world.

If you’re healthy and in self quarantine at this time, remember that you’re taking care of yourself, but you also caring for your community in this action.

While you’re at home, what’s the opportunity that’s presenting itself here?  The sparkling gem that shines through the dark soil?

Now is a wonderful time to go inward and reflect on what is the deeper meaning of all we’re experiencing at this time. We have more time on our hands than usual given the slower pace that the world’s moving.

The gift of such uncluttered space and time is an opportunity to see what’s bubbling up inside as a longing. A longing that might have been silenced or hidden in the past.

What have I always wanted to do in my life and haven’t yet?

What is my calling at this time in the world?

As we connect to our higher self and deepen our connection to the spiritual world in this time, my thoughts turn to St. Hildegard who is an inspiration as she endeavored to take up her divine calling in the world even when it was quite challenging.

Here she speaks of her longing to be the harp and zither of love in the world.


My home is in heaven,
Where I meet all your creation.
God’s love is my desire,
And to raise up the tower of longing, my wish.

I want to do what you ask of me, O God.
On wings of good will
I fly above the stars in heaven
To do your will.

Nothing else remains for me to search
Or wish for.
I long only for holiness.

Let me, O God, be your harp and zither of love!

LVM Pitra IV, 15 (X)


At this time of slowing down and isolation, what is arising within you as a longing?  Something you have always wanted to do or something that is calling to you at this current time of crisis?

What are you being called to bring into the world during this time in the world?

What opportunity exists for you?

Envision it now. Imagine how it might bring love and healing to you and into the world.

Now expand that vision. Make it even better. What if there was no limit? No fear and anxiety?  No obstacle?

What would your vision be then?  Imagine that.

So, how can your vision begin to sprout and grow in this season of spring and renewal?  How can you make it come to life?


Through answering the longing that lives within us to be the harp and zither of the Divine, we can become a powerful healing force in the world, a great need at this time.

“When you have a vision that is strong enough and powerful enough, nothing can stand in your way.” Lewis Howes

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