Bringing Your Vision into the World in 2019, in the Warmth of Summer
Awwww…. Summer.  The flowers are blossoming, bees are buzzing, and fruits are ripening. You’ve probably enjoyed the sweetness of a summer crop of strawberries or a dip in the cool water of a lake.  And the sunlight as it stays longer with us in the evenings.
​If we think back just 6 months ago, we were at the depths of the darkness of winter.  After experiencing the promise of rebirth and renewal in spring, we’re now at the height of the summer, the counter to those cold days of winter. The earth seems to be breathing outward toward the heavens even as the heavens radiate warmth and light toward us.

Ancient traditions in the summer often included celebrations around a great bonfire with dance and music, honoring this time of growth, life, and purification. Nowadays, you’re probably enjoying time outdoors with family and friends at a barbeque or bonfire.  Or you venture to the water to swim, boat, or fish.  I’m sure you also experience the joy of nature through gardening or hiking or other outside activities.


​As you expand into the warmth of the summer, midway through the year 2019, this is a good time to check-in with yourself.

Remember back to January of 2019 when you were contemplating what you wanted to create or birth in this new year?  How the Divine was calling you to shine forth in 2019? Was there a creative endeavor that you were being called to manifest in service to the world?

I often speak of the next creative endeavor in my life as my Rupertsberg, in honor of St. Hildegard. I’m always inspired by the courage and strength St. Hildegard found to bring forth her visions into the world. She helps me find my strength to keep on my path to manifest my own visions.

One of her greatest visions was when she was called to leave her home of 40 years and build her own abbey, which she named “Rupertsberg”. St. Hildegard’s commitment to bring this project to fruition was fueled by the inspiring work she saw from St. Rupert in the 7th century.


​In her words,

Feel the Living Light!
Feel the Beauty! Feel the Spark of God!
Feel the Warmth which heals.
Hear Love calling: “Peace, Peace, Peace.”

So, how’s it going right now, part way through the year?  Are there steps on your journey toward your vision that you can celebrate?  Big steps or little steps – honor each one. All are worth celebrating!

Are there any adjustments that need to be made?  Additions or revisions to the vision?  That’s not unusual once you get going.  Our vision as we picture it in the ideal, often needs some adjustment to land on the earth.

What more needs to happen to continue forward in manifesting this vision in the second half of the year?  How can you gather the warmth, light and strength to fuel your energy in bringing forth your vision this year?


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