Bring 3 Precious Gifts into 2021 with You!
We made it!  We made it to 2021!
What an accomplishment to celebrate.  Congratulations!
I picture St. Hildegard holding her abbess staff. So strong and powerful.  She radiates as she speaks, “God created me… God is also my strength… Through God, I have living spirit.  Through God I have life and movement.  Through God I learn, I find my path…” ​


Picture yourself holding a staff, strong and powerful. Take a moment and consider what created your staff in 2020? How did you find the strength and power to persevere in 2020?
Was it your spirit guides who you called upon?
The love and support of your family and friends?
Your time spent in nature?
Or time spent in meditation?
Something else?
Let’s offer gratitude for each and every gift that nourished us in 2020 so that we could arrive in 2021 on this beautiful planet Earth. What a treasure that we’ve been given to be able to continue our work in a new year!
Access a healing song and spiritual practice to open your heart and let your love flow, giving birth to the gifts you can give to the world through your soul’s creativity this winter. 
And now we begin this adventure in January of a new year! As we enter into 2021, I remember that this past week was Epiphany, or Three Kings’ Day for some. It’s a time for revelation or insight. It officially marks the end to the Christmas season and the Sacred Nights and opens our door to new beginnings and a new year.
If we think back to the traditional Christian story of the Three Wise Men, we can remember that they were three respected and scholarly men (not actually kings) who traveled east following the bright star in the night’s sky. They hoped to find the new baby that was born who was prophesied to become a great king. After a long journey, they finally arrived and saw the child with his mother Mary and knelt down and honored him. Then they presented him with the precious gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.


In this sacred story, we remember Mary, as Divine Mother, as a bridge between the spirit world and earth as she births this child. She allowed herself to open her heart to accept this path of love where she would be the vessel to deliver this divine gift that would bring light into the world.

As we enter into 2021, how can we open our hearts to something new, a new creation that will be birthed in the new year —something that maybe we can’t even imagine may be a part of our lives on earth?!

And what gifts that nourished us in 2020 do we want to be certain to bring with us on our journey into 2021? Let us be inspired by the gifts of the 3 Wise Men!

  1. Maybe your gold that you carry forward from 2020 to 2021 is love that shines out into the world, upon your new creations this year, upon yourself and upon others. The most valuable and precious gift that radiates from your heart, shining like gold.
  2. Your frankincense might be all that came from Mother Nature that supported your health in 2020 that you want to carry into a new year – time in nature, healthy food, the shining sun. For frankincense is a tree resin with healing properties.
  3. Your myrrh might be that which sustains you through any challenges that arise – your meditation, prayers, or other spiritual practice.  For myrrh is created from a small, but mighty, and thorny tree.

As you head into 2021 and consider the new creations you want to birth in this year, what 3 precious gifts do you want to be certain to bring as nourishment on this journey into a new year?

I wish you a Happy and Joyful New Year!  May all of your dreams be birthed and nourished in the new year of 2021!


Access a healing song and spiritual practice to open your heart and let your love flow, giving birth to the gifts you can give to the world in 2021.