Break Free from Fear and Find Joy and Peace

When fear comes into our lives, it can overwhelm us. It can imprison us behind the bars of anxiety, making us forget who we truly are.

Have you ever had an experience where fear just seems to overpower you?

Where fearful thoughts and emotions wash over you like a great wave, draining you of all strength and courage?

Fear is powerful. It can stop you from truly living life.

As a great wave of fear rises, you forget your inner divine strength. You feel tremendous anxiety about the suffering you’re experiencing or what you might in the future. It can totally cripple you, making you unable to move with freedom and joy in life.

You forget the love that exists in your relationships. You forget the beauty and goodness that exists in the world around you. You forget the joy and peace that exists in being in the present moment.

You forget who you truly are. The True Being, the Divine Being, that you are.

Access  free healing songs and discover spiritual practices to break free from fear and let your love flow. The song #9 and accompanying practice “Let Your Love Flow” is especially helpful in working through and transforming fear.

Here’s a story from the beloved author, Paulo Coelho, that inspires us to break free from our fear to find joy and peace in our life’s journey no matter what arises.

A sultan decided to travel by sea with some of his favorite courtiers. They joined the ship in Dubai and sailed out into the open sea.

However, as soon as the ship moved away from land, one of his subjects – who had never seen the sea before, having spent most of his life in the mountains – began to be overcome with panic.

Sitting in the ship’s hold, he cried, shouted and refused to eat or sleep. Everyone tried to calm him down, saying that the journey wasn’t as dangerous as all that, but although he heard their words, they had no influence on his heart. The sultan did not know what to do, and the fine journey upon calm seas and under blue skies, became a torment for the passengers and crew alike


Two days passed without anyone being able to sleep because of the man’s cries. The sultan was about to order the ship to return to port, when one of his ministers, who was known for his wisdom, came over:

“Your Highness, with your permission, I will be able to calm him.”

Without a moment’s hesitation, the sultan said that not only would he allow it, but that he should reward him if he succeeded in solving the problem.  

The wise man asked that the man be thrown into the sea. Right away, content because their nightmare was about to end, several crew members grabbed the man struggling in the hold and cast him into the ocean.

The courtier thrashed about, sank, swallowed plenty of seawater, returned to the surface, screamed louder than ever, sank again, and managed to surface once again. Just then, the minister ordered for him to be dragged back on board.

From then on, no one heard so much as a single complaint from the man, who spent the rest of the journey in silence, and even commented to one of the passengers that he had never seen anything so beautiful as the sky and sea touching on the horizon. The journey – which had before been a torment to all those on board the ship – became a pleasurable, peaceful experience.

A short time before they returned to port, the Sultan went to see the minister:
“How did you guess that, by throwing that poor man into the sea, he would calm down?”

“Because of my marriage,” replied the minister. “I was always terrified of losing my wife and was so jealous that I never stopped shouting and screaming like that man.

“One day she could take no more and left me – and I tasted the terrible experience of living without her. She only returned when I promised never again to torment her with my fears.

In the same way, that man had never tasted salt water, and had never known the agony of a drowning man. When he felt that, he understood only too well how marvelous it can be to feel the planks of a ship under his feet.”

Letting go of fear and developing a trust in our inner divine nature is not always easy!  It’s a practice of a strong and courageous heart.

We come to realize that we’ll experience joy and sorrow, pleasant and unpleasant events in life. We may even feel afraid. But on this journey, we can always access the strength and courage that lives within the deepest part of our true selves and continue to move forward.

We discover that we truly are resilient! We are loved. We are strong. We will survive and even thrive. The power is truly yours to break free from fear and find joy and peace!

Access a healing song and discover a spiritual practice to break free from fear and let your love flow. 

​Here’s an excerpt from this powerful, healing song, Let Your Love Flow:

Let your love flow
let the fear go
Let love lead the way
what the heart sees
is your victory
let this be your day
in the dark times
let your light shine
it will see you through
what the heart knows well
and your courage tells
is that you cannot fail

like the eagle screaming WILD
like the laughter of a happy CHILD
like the colors PEACOCKS show
show your passion…. cause you’re PRECIOUS gold



​You’ve got to push sometimes with ALL YOUR MIGHT
you got to GIVE IT YOUR ALL, YEAH!the power is yours…
to break FREE
to claim your JOY
and be at PEACE