4 Simple, yet Profound, Ways to connect to Divine Healing Energy/Radical Self Care #8

Seem to have trouble squeezing in a spiritual practice on a regular basis?

Life can get busy or overwhelming, at times.

The challenges that we experience in the world may seem to always be present.  We can get caught up in the regular surprises that appear to threaten our well-being in this world which can be frightening and unsettling.

Especially now, in this time, it’s vital for our own health and the health of the world that we bring conscious practices into our lives regularly.

Here are 4 simple, yet profound, ways to bring a daily practice into your life that makes a difference in your health and well being.

1. Gratitude
The practice of gratitude brings your attention to the present and all that comes into your life each and every day to support you. There’s so much! Such gratitude is like a gift to the Divine – for all that has been given to you.  And when appreciation is a regular practice, a space opens for more gifts to flow into your life.

Every evening before you go to bed, recall 3 things from the day that you’re grateful for.

2. Time in Nature
Time in nature is healing and calming for all of us.  A hike or walk outside is refreshing and rejuvenating, but even sitting for a few minutes under a tree while you take a break at work can be incredibly helpful – relaxing the body, deepening the breath, and feeling a closer connection to Mother Earth and all that exists in the Universe.


3. Breathe
Take a deep breath in, all the way to your belly and then slowly exhale. You help your blood be nourished, fuel your whole body, and let go of the waste the body doesn’t need, detoxing your bodily systems.Pause for a moment whenever you can throughout the day to inhale slowly through the nose, deep in the lungs and belly.  Exhale through the nose slowly.  At the end of the exhale through the nose, open your mouth and blow out any remaining air in your lungs until they’re empty.  Breathe in deeply again through your nose and repeat.  This expels all of the used breath and fills your lungs with fresh, new air.  Supporting health and well-being in your body.


4. Being in the Present Moment
How often do we think about the past or focus on what’s coming up in the future?  Take a moment, while taking deep breaths, and focus on the present moment.  What do you hear?  What do you see?  What do you feel? What sensations are you feeling in your body in this moment?  Bring your attention to what is in this moment – the present moment.  This is the space of health and healing.
The Crown Chakra
The practices above will support you in beginning to open to a higher state of being.The seventh chakra, the crown chakra, is what gives us the ability to access higher states of consciousness, as we open to that which is beyond ourselves.


It’s located at the top of the head and slightly above the head. It sits like a crown, opening upwards.

It’s the source of our connection to the divine energy of creation and to our higher self.  Also to the experience that we’re one with everyone and everything in nature.

This is the 8th in my series on Radical Self-Care!  To help balance the crown chakra, we can call upon Brahman, cosmic spirit and infinite consciousness. You can find the Healing Brahman Mantra in my Free Healing Library  and chant along with me.