3 Tips to Help you Stay Aligned with Your Life’s Purpose

Your life has a purpose, even many purposes.  Even if you cannot yet identify all of them.

It’s often in those moments of discomfort or surprise that we wake up to a purpose or deeper meaning in our journey through life. But, we aren’t always excited about going beyond our comfort zone into the unknown, the new, the unfamiliar.  I know I’m not!

This new step we’re being prompted to take in our lives may be an outward one such as a move to a new place or a new relationship that helps to unfold our path.  Or it could be more inward within our soul, prompting us to grow and change.

Should you move forward or not?  What are the next steps?  These are questions we ask ourselves during these times.

Here are a few tips to help you at such a moment on your life’s path.

1. Imagine yourself moving forward in this new direction.  Picture and feel what it’d be like to do this in as much detail as you can.  Try to experience it in the emotion and sensation in your body.  Not in thinking in your head.
How will you be different in life after these changes?  How will you experience life?  How will you feel?

Does it resonate with you?  Does this inspire you?

Don’t dwell on the discomfort of the unknown or the resistance to change.  Your mind may try to convince you to stay in the comfort of where you are, as this is the known.  Focus on what this step may mean in your life.  This will help you determine intuitively if this is the right next step on your path.

2. Finding a guide or mentor. Now, if you truly know that this is the right next step, how do you begin?  Finding a guide or mentor who has more expertise on this next step than you do is often very helpful and supportive.
Sometimes this guide might be in person – a life or spiritual coach, a therapist. Or sometimes this guide comes in the form of an author of a book or an inspirational leader. Sometimes one may even come in the form of a challenging encounter that pushes you in the right direction.

​But, now the plan becomes clearer and you know what action you need to take.

PictureIt’s often through these relationships in life where we find the guidance we need to stay on our path toward our life’s purpose. This guidance can motivate and inspire us and maybe even offer some additional learning for our own development.  These guiding relationships can even help you courageously take a step beyond the safety and familiarity of your current situation. They support us in reaching our highest aspirations and reaching our potential of being our best self in the world.

​You’ll know you have found the next step on your path in your life’s purpose when each step supports and encourages your inner intention.



3. Find your support network beyond your guide.  Maybe a friend or relative?  Or a group you belong to?  Or maybe you need to seek a group of like-minded individuals who are endeavoring to take similar next steps.  But, this tribe will help you as you take those next steps to your new destination. They’ll be emotional and spiritual support and possibly even practical support.  They’ll empathize with your joys and with your struggles along the way. They’ll offer words of wisdom that seem divinely inspired and will help you avoid missteps and failure.  They’ll celebrate your successes – small and big!

​Then you’re on your way to reaching your highest potential in this life’s journey for your own health and well being, while also contributing to the world’s.

Looking for a mentor or guide on your life’s path?  Check out my work at doctorofthesoul.com. I offer private and individualized sessions as well as materials to support you being your best self in this world.