3 Tips for Creating a Sacred Space within Your Home

Having a special space in your home that is designated as sacred can help you to take a moment to pause during the day and remember the Divine that is within you. This space can be used for prayer, meditation, and reflection. It can also be a place for breathing deeply and chanting mantras.

It’s a special and sacred place just for you.

For this work that is for you.

Your health, your growth, your healing.

You want it to warm your heart like a wonderful hug from a loved one. This space is for you. Your healing, your life.

Here are a few tips to get you started.

1.  Find the best location in your home.
Look for a space that is quiet, separate from activity in the house. A place that feels comfortable and protected to you. Where you can relax and not be surprised by someone opening a door or walking up behind you.

Not sure where, as space is limited in your home? Be creative. Look for a corner not being used. Add a curtain or a screen to make it more protected.

Or maybe there is a bookshelf, windowsill or the top of a dresser you could clear off.

​Or how about a small stand or wooden box turned upside down and placed in a quiet place?

2.  Make it comfortable and nurturing.

Take a closer look and see what is around your new space – the items, the color, the lighting. Consider how these will support you or maybe distract you. Make changes, as needed.

Having a nearby chair or a special pillow to sit on just for your sacred space will help you to be able to feel comfortable and to relax within the space.

What lighting would you like? A lamp nearby that emits warm light or just the light of a candle? Maybe the natural light that shines in a window nearby?

This is a healing space to nurture you and your body-spirit connection. Be sure it’s a space where you can come to calm and center. Where you can step away from the rest of the world into quiet solitude.


​3.  Ensoul the space with meaning and beauty. 
Look around your home for items to add to your sacred space. They don’t have to be elaborate or expensive. Look for things that are meaningful to you.Maybe a cloth to bring color to your space? Then some special items placed on it.Things from the natural world such as a plant, stones, or a feather may be important pieces for grounding and connection.What else do you want to include? Consider:

  • a candle with matches
  • a diffuser for essential oils
  • a meaningful poem or verse
  • a small statue of a god or goddess that is important to you
  • a photo of inspiration

Use your senses – what might smell nurturing? Look inviting? Sound relaxing? Feel soothing to touch?

Arrange all of your special pieces with beauty in your sacred space.


​Looking for more ideas of special items? How about these?

  • a crystal
  • prayer or mala beads
  • inspirational or devotional books
  • a vision board
  • a photo of a spiritual teacher, mentor or beloved ancestor

Once your sacred space is ready, you can begin using it for deep breathing, meditation, and reflection. You can chant mantras and connect to the Divine within, bringing you a sense of peace and harmony. You’ll find yourself calmer, happier, and ready to enter back into your daily life with ease.

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