3 Steps to Transform Fear into Courage and Love
As the winter solstice is here in the northern hemisphere, we can imagine how this time might’ve been for our ancestors in the north long ago – the moment of the longest night and the shortest daylight. There must have been uncertainty and fear that arose, waiting for the return of the warmth and light of the sun. Fear that there wouldn’t be enough food for the rest of the winter, fear that the sun might not return to bring the renewal of life in the spring.
This longest night of winter was called in some ancient wisdom traditions the “Mother Night.”  It was believed that the Divine Mother nourished the seeds that were resting deep in the soil in the dark earth, so that they would birth new life in the spring.
Access my healing song and spiritual practice “Let The Love Flow” to dissolve fear and let your love flow, giving birth to the gifts you can give to the world this winter.
​In the Baltic area of Northern Europe, at this time of year, the people of long ago awaited the return of Saule, Mother Sun, who cared for all of life in the world. She journeyed across the skies in her chariot pulled by horses. From a golden cup, she poured out the sun’s liquid light that had been spun of amber golden threads by her, sending warm, radiant rays to the people upon the earth.


Now, as we approach the Winter Solstice, this darkest time of an unbelievable year of 2020, fear may arise, similar to our ancestors from long ago.  Of course, we better understand that the light and the warmth of the sun will return in the spring, but our deepest fears of living on this earth can still surface during these cold winter days. And in this pandemic time where our traditions that often hold and support us may need to change this year, they may surface even more.
How can we take the wisdom of our ancestors of long ago and let go of our fears and open our hearts for the liquid sunlight of gold to pour in, giving us strength and warmth at this time of year?
Our fears often stop us from opening our hearts because we truly believe that they’re real. I’ve discovered over the years that more often than not, fears are illusions.FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real.


1. Take a moment to consider any fears that you currently have. Say it out loud in the following sentence: “My fear ____________________ is not real.”
I worked with one of my fears this morning, and this is what I said out loud,  “My fear of my friend dying alone and in pain is not real” 2. Next, I invite you to consider what things in your life give you strength. My current list has the following items on it:

  • sleep
  • singing
  • daily walks along the mountains behind my house
  • St. Hildegard
  • Archangel Michael
  • my daily gratitude list
  • flowers
  • meditation

3. Now, it’s time for you to get out your crayons or paints while you listen to the healing song, Let Your Love Flow, that I recorded.  Get it here. Create an image of any fear you’re holding right now. Keep in mind the things in life that give you strength. Then paint/draw the transition of this fear into courage and love!
Let your soul move your arm and then your hand and finally the crayon/paint brush. Play, play, PLAY while you draw/paint and listen to the song!

Enjoy this experience!  Here are some of the lyrics of the song for inspiration.

music and lyrics by David Sharp

The world can be a scary place
when you’re trying to live a dream
it takes courage to keep going
when you feel like you’re going against the stream

keep the faith… and hold on
to the power that keeps you strong

the walls in your way
are illusions in your path
fear keeps them standing
you decide how long they last

Let your love flow
let the fear go
Let love lead the way
what the heart sees
is your victory
let this be your day
in the dark times
let your light shine
it will see you through
what the heart knows well
and your courage tells
is that you cannot fail

like the eagle screaming WILD
like the laughter of a happy CHILD
like the colors PEACOCKS show
show your passion…. cause you’re PRECIOUS gold

You’ve got to push sometimes with ALL YOUR MIGHT
you got to GIVE IT YOUR ALL, YEAH!

the power is yours…
to break FREE
to claim your JOY
and be at PEACE


What images arose for you in your artistic work that show the transformation of your fear into courage and love? Maybe a soaring eagle or a beautiful peacock? Or maybe something else?  Whatever arose for you is perfect and a wonderful image to hold through the winter.

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