3 Essential Steps to Unlock Your Inner Power to Make a Change in Your Life

Are you in the midst of making a change in your life? Maybe you’re trying something new to improve your health and well-being like exercising regularly or eating healthy foods?

Or maybe you’re trying to create a regular meditation practice?

Or longing to realize a creative dream you have?

​When I consider making a change in my life, I always remember these words from John Assaraf.

“The first step to getting anywhere is deciding you are not willing to stay where you are.”                                                                                            -John Assaraf

Once I truly decide I’m not willing to stay where I am and I DO want a change, then I often want to jump in full steam ahead and try to do it all at once? Do you do this too?

Speaking from experience, that doesn’t work very well! It can lead to frustration and a sense of failure.


Making a change isn’t easily done. Changing your habits and mindset takes time.

I’ve learned that these 3 essential steps are needed to unlock your inner power to successfully make the changes that you wish to see in your life.

1. Break Your Goals into Smaller Parts
Take that goal that you have to make a change and break it down into smaller parts. Then you can begin to work on one step at a time. You’ll be much more successful in taking these baby steps on the path to accomplishing your goal.


For example, if you want to begin a regular meditation practice, a first step could be to commit to meditating 1 time a week for this month.

Remember making a change takes time. Be patient. Your habits and mindset don’t change overnight. Sometimes it takes days, weeks or even several months.

Be kind to yourself, while still staying committed to keeping yourself on your path to success.

2. Check on Your Progress
Review your goal regularly to check on your progress and keep yourself motivated.  Check-in each day and then at the end of the week.

How’s it going?  What milestones can you celebrate?

Enjoy the journey of learning and transforming along the way. Celebrate what you’ve accomplished!

It’s tempting to only look at the accomplishment at the end as a sign of your success. But, it’s important to notice your smaller ones on the journey.


.These little moments in time will remind you how much closer you’re getting to your final goal.

Don’t get stuck on any little missteps along the way. Don’t let those negative voices of failure flow into your mind!

Celebrate your accomplishments on the path and adjust a goal or a plan that appears to be unrealistic. Then continue forward with positivity and passion for your goal!

Your desire to change must be greater than your desire to remain the same.                                                                                                                     -John Assaraf

3. Ask for Spiritual Guidance
Remember you have support available to you! Offer up your goal to your spirit guides and ask for support.

Be open and attentive to receiving in those quiet moments of inner stillness. But, also be open in the middle of your normal day. Support sometimes comes in surprising ways!

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