Unlock the Hidden Treasure of Your Inner Power
Are there days that you feel like curling up in a ball and not joining the rest of the world? Do you wonder if you’ll ever experience a true sense of inner peace and calm in life?
Some days are harder than others. The troubles that loom over our heads – troubles in the world, in our country, in our communities, even with our families and friends.  Sometimes it all feels like too much.
And yet, we must reach deep within ourselves to find the strength to move forward. But how?
If you dig deep down into your inner well and it’s not full, what then?  How do you cultivate self power, an inner strength, so that it’s always available to you?  How can we find this hidden treasure?
When your inner well’s full, you begin to develop a certain steadiness in life. You’re guided and strengthened from within, rather than dependent on external influences. This gives you even more strength for all that comes your way in life.  You’ll become more present and fully experience all of life. And a sense of peace and calm will arise, as you begin to see the bigger purpose and meaning of your life.
Here are a few tips for filling your inner well, giving you the key to unlocking the hidden treasure of your own inner power.
Explore Who am I? 
Take a look at who you are. Truly. Your abilities, your qualities.  Your biography and current life.What moments in your life were turning points?  Who did you meet? What made a difference in your journey?What are you passionate about?  What gets you excited?  What do you want to do to make a difference in the world?
What do you like doing for fun? How do you relax and rejuvenate?

The more deeply you know who you are, the more aware you become of the best way to care for yourself and your needs. You’ll feel more grounded and confident.  And more yourself.

Identify Your Gifts
We all have unique gifts – talents or skills – that we can use to make a difference in the world. What are yours?  Where do you shine?

Our gifts typically develop out of our passions in life.

Or sometimes out of overcoming adversity.

By sharing these with others, not only does it benefit them, but also you!  You are able to engage in meaningful and purposeful work in the world – which ignites your inner fire and power.


Replace Negative Voices
Pay attention to what enters your mind that’s negative and doesn’t serve you. When these thoughts enter your mind, simply acknowledge them without judgment and then bid them farewell.  Replace them with gratitude. Think of something in your life that you’re currently grateful for. Focus your thoughts on the gratitude you have.
Balance Your Solar Plexus Chakra 


​Your third chakra, the solar plexus chakra, is the source of the light that radiates your personal power and strength out into the world. It’s located between your navel and the bottom of your sternum.

Bring this chakra into balance to access your own inner strength. Sit quietly in an upright posture and picture your third chakra filled with the warm yellow light of the sun, radiating out into the world while saying these affirmations:

I love myself.

I am strong and courageous.

I feel my own power.

When your solar plexus chakra is balanced, you’ll feel confident and want to say “YES!” to life. You’ll be grounded and ready to start each day. You’ll feel strong and able to take up actions, moving through challenges as they arise.


Connect to a Higher Presence
Having a regular spiritual practice helps you not only be healthier and more grounded, but connects you with the Divine. This might be meditation, yoga, chanting, being in nature, studying ancient sacred texts, or even sitting in silence.  This raises your vibrational frequency. Doubts and fears fall away as you experience your True Self and have divine support to accompany you.This is the 3rd in my series on Radical Self-Care. Watch for more over the next few weeks!  You can also access an audio of a mantra here in my Free Healing Library to call upon the Goddess Durga with her great courage and strength to remove any obstacles that are holding you back from feeling confident and powerful within your life.  Click here to access the Library.