The World is Waiting for You (St. Hildegard’s Gifts for You, Part 1)

Have you found what is your own bright light to shine forth in the world?  Your purpose in life? What you were meant to create in this life?

Do you know that you have a purpose, one that is unique to you, one that only you can contribute to the world?  Are you clear on what that is?

The world is waiting for you to share it!


Your soul has a yearning to live your purpose, whether you choose to follow it or not.  Whether you’re resistant to it or not.

Know that your soul will continue calling to you to live your soul’s purpose. This will always be within you throughout your life.

Life will, of course, continue to move forward, whether you follow your calling or not. For life, by its very nature, lives and breathes within humanity and within the universe, deriving its energy from the Divine.

Yet, if you wish to share in this abundance in life, to truly thrive within this divine flow, you must give of yourself in a meaningful and committed way to your purpose in the world. For you are part of the Divine. But you have the freedom to choose if you’ll dive into this divine flow or not.

Every morning you awake, you’re given another opportunity to respond to this inner yearning, to realize it.  Yet it’s your choice to engage or not.


St. Hildegard of Bingen inspires us to drink from this fountain of divine abundance. In her first vision shared in Scivias, she encourages us to “…extend yourself in the fountain of abundance” and to share the flowing of your water” with the world.”  

It’s time to dive right into the fountain of Divine abundance.  Hear the calling of your soul’s purpose and understand what it is! Then respond to the call.  Follow it with courage, shining your bright light with others in the world.

St. Hildegard continues, “For you do not take the understanding of this profoundness from humanity, but you receive it from above by celestial justice…With a bright light this serenity will shine forth strongly among those people who dare to shine forth.”

St. Hildegard calls us to rise with boldness to commit to our own individual purpose in life, seeking support in the Divine. She encourages us to not hide and not be afraid.

We’re born as radiant beings longing to find our purpose upon earth and live a meaningful life.  But, we may experience obstacles. Fear or shame in expressing our true self.  We might hide our gifts rather than risking failure or disapproval.

We may believe our thoughts and contributions aren’t good enough or that we’re not good enough to contribute anything noteworthy to the world. Still, we must move forward, St. Hildegard encourages us to commit to our true purpose that is our soul’s yearning. For it so longs to find its way in life.

Only you can share what you have to give to the world.  Only you can discover who you are and what you’re meant to bring forth into the world.  The world won’t discover that and bring it to you.

As you begin to shine your light of your soul’s yearning into the world, it might feel like only a small spark. Tend to it with care and it’ll grow into a crackling fire ready to warm and awaken others in the world!


St. Hildegard encourages us further to “Arise therefore, cry aloud and say what is revealed to you with the strongest power of divine help.”

Do you know what needs to arise and be spoken from you?  The world’s waiting for you to share!

Your radiant nature is always there, even beneath limiting beliefs and thought patterns.
These will dissolve over time if you spend time being open to listening to your soul’s yearning.

Take time to find and explore the purpose that you’re meant to live. Commit to manifesting this in the world!

Here are 3 useful tools to help you discover what the world’s waiting to receive from you.

1. Sit in quiet contemplation. Listen for your soul’s yearning. What do you hear? What’s it longing for?  What’s it calling you to bring to the world? Bracket your quiet time with a song. Sing it quietly to yourself. One of my favorites is :”This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine” Pick a song that speaks to your soul.

2. Ask the Divine for support. The Divine’s always available to support you but you must ask. For it’s your choice. So, ask for guidance in discovering your soul’s yearning.  And when you think you might’ve discovered it, ask for guidance about whether you’re on the right track or not. One technique that is especially potent is to take a blank piece of paper. At the top of the page write the sentence: “God, show me my soul’s purpose.” Then with your non-dominant hand write out or draw whatever thoughts, feelings or images that come to you.

3. Observe and listen over time. As you sit in daily quiet contemplation and as you go about your day-to-day activities, observe and listen to what comes to you.  In your thoughts, in your feelings or in what someone else says to you, or what simply arises in a moment.  What response comes that helps you to see with more clarity what the world’s waiting for you to bring?

​I look forward to seeing what you bring!

Know that I am always available for private sessions if you feel you need support in how to discover your soul’s purpose. Contact me to explore private sessions.